BGMC 34 planning/discussion

It is the moment you have all been waiting for!!! Well maybe, I guess.

I am supposed to host this thing, so when do we want to have the competition?

Edit: also post any ideas for themes or mechanics that you would like

Even if you don’t have a specific date in mind post a quick message here letting me know you are interested in joining up. After we get all the times decided then we can get all the other details after we get closer to the competition.

Have a great day!


P.S. This is my first time hosting, so any advice is welcome, I am open to suggestions


Great! I was wondering these days when the next BGMC would happen.
Good luck as host, and I will call some friends to participate the jam. :raised_hands:

EDIT: I would prefer the jam to happen this month or, at most, early february due to time constraints for me after this time.

EDIT: Since the Discord server of the BGMC already exists, it may be good to include its invite link to the BGMC announcements:


If the finish date was before the middle of Feb, that would suit me well. Cheers guys


So I’ve never used discord (I live under a rock half the time :slight_smile: )

Late January or early February sounds good to me, but I’ll wait to make it official until we get some more feedback. I’m in college so my schedule is up in the air when life will get crazy, so any time works for me (I just probably won’t have any games to add to the jam)

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any time is fine. As per previous such announcements, we usually suggest themes for the competition. I can’t think of anything; maybe others will?

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Oh that’s right I’ll fix the announcement

I skipped the last one and I’ll skip this one unless I get inspired all of a sudden.


maybe the date associated with spring will be more relevant for such an event? I wanted to ask what will happen in this event? I just never heard of him :thinking:

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I’d be interested in starting either a week or 2 weeks from today.

Theme: Neon Dystopia
Mechanic: Pick up and deliver

I had this idea a while back for a taxi driver game set in futuristic city- like the fifth element/cyberpunk/cyborg postman pat

Looking forward to it


You are always welcome to participate how you want :slight_smile: if you want to make games or just play them that is great!

Wish i could model or texture else i would join as well, but still a no go for me as well.

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BGMC (Blender Game Making Competition) is a very informal game competition hosted by the previous winner (usually), so far it seems like in a couple weeks will work for most people, but there is usually a BGMC every couple of months, so there could potentially be another one in spring. They have been happening for a while (this is the 34th one).

Basics of the Jam

  • It is a one week competition
  • The mechanic and theme are decided by the host (though usually through popular opinion)
  • Occasionally someone will provide a reward (beyond hosting the next BGMC)
  • The games are usually rated by the community (though I have had one or two with judges, since I started)
  • Everyone is welcome to participate as long as they are using Blender for the game

This game competition is where I really learned a lot about making games, back when I made very simple games, so I love participating, and I hope you join, because when I first started we would get 15-20 submissions and I would love for that to happen again.

I love those ideas for the theme (I actually have been working on something similar for a personal project that I plan to post eventually) I can’t wait to see your game in the competition!

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You are always welcome in the competition! We have always been welcome to anyone.

From what I remember is that you can use other resources, as long as it is free to everyone else to use, and if you use someone else’s work it needs to legal and a link to that source so anyone else can use that as well during the competition.

So if you don’t think you can model to the quality you want I believe you can use other free models as long as it is open for everyone else

You are right, everything that is free 2 use before the event starts may be used, as long as it is usable by everyone who is joining the bgmc. No discussion needed for it it’s like rule number 2 or 3 haha.

I will not use someone else his artwork or models, there are always issues with them, needing more work to make it work properly then creating it on my own(good ones always have a hard license, so they can’t be used).

I just have the perfection glitch in me, no one will see it, but i know it’s there, and not correct so i scrap it and start all over, haha that’s my method/flaw.


Would love to take part in another BGMC. Count me in! And any time in the following weeks should work just fine for me.

Theme Idea: Shiny Things


Theme suggestions

  • You’re NOT the only hero
  • Turn a violent genre non-violent

thanks for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello guys, My theme suggestions:

  • Shipwrecked
  • You can’t save them all
  • Fragile
  • Two worlds

I will probably do this one, but I don’t know with school and stuff. I may suggest a theme if I think of one though.

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