BGMC 34 - Runner

It’s been several years since I’ve used the BGE and I still have not used the eevee build of blender yet either XD

I’ve moved on to other things besides blender so my skills might not be as good as they were before so I’m gonna make something light, but also I have an idea in mind where I want to test my math skills.

I’m calling this game “Runner” because you are a little stick figure (that I drew in MS paint) that runs around and you can grapple onto things and swing from them (this is where I want to test my math skills with physics and stuff).


Nice idea! I’m really curious on how this will look and play.

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Swinging mechanic is done. Using the derivative of the swing height equation, I could calculate when it equals 0, which tells me at what point the character is at the highest position of his swing. At this point, the momentum is set to 0 and you must alternate A and D keys to keep the character swinging, otherwise if you don’t, momentum will be set to 0 and the character will settle down to the bottom position on the swing


This looks promising, how are you planning on implementing the theme? Unless that is classified :wink:

not sure yet, maybe swing from thing to thing, grabbing people and rescuing them

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2021-02-02 15-24-09.mkv (1.9 MB)

Apologize for the video format, I thought it would get auto-embedded here. It demonstrates the swinging physics

Interesting mechanic, curious to see the final results.