BGMC 34 Theme and Mechanic vote

Welcome everyone to the official BGMC 34 theme and mechanic vote!

Due to the large amount of theme suggestions I chose a couple of my favorites from everyone, and I apologize before hand if I forgot something you posted :slight_smile: I’m a bit busy today and a in a rush.

The first poll allows you to choose up to three, because there are quite a few, the second is just one choice.

I look forwards to seeing what gets chosen!

BGMC 34 Theme
  • Struggle
  • Advanced Mentality
  • Time Paradox
  • Future but magic
  • Fragile
  • You can’t save them all
  • You are not the only hero
  • Turn a violent genre non-violent
  • Shiny things
  • Neon Dystopia

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BGMC 34 Mechanic
  • No mechanic
  • Side scroller
  • Platformer
  • Pick up and deliver

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Way to go everyone! it is day one and we have already surpassed last competitions voters :slight_smile: I think this will be a pretty good one!

I can’t wait to see everyones games!



Hello @fredstash as I am new to BGMC, I would like to know the start time of the game and the delivery time, is there any rule or term of use?

It is a pretty relaxed competition. The voting will end on Thursday (whenever I take it down), and between then and Sunday (January 31st) is planning time (don’t work on the game, just plan) and then From Sunday morning (the 31st) until Sunday evening of the next week (February 7th) you can work on it. Then after that, post your finished game in the finished project part of the forum, and I will get the game pack put together and then the voting will begin, which will go for another week.

basic rules:

  • Only the blender game engine is allowed (there are offshoots, that are allowed, but someone else would have to elaborate I don’t know, personally I only use blender 2.79 vanilla)
  • You can use other peoples work, as long as it is legal, free, and you post a link to it so others in the competition can use it. (Last competition I used a pixel shader from an outside source, and I just posted a link to it on my WIP thread, and finished game thread)
  • Mostly just have fun, the only reward as of right now is hosting the next competition, this is really to help us all have better skills in developing games (I started getting better when I started participating in these, because others critiques and insights help you build better games)

I really look forward to any games you can produce in the week! I always love seeing peoples ideas.

Let me know if I am not clear enough, this is my first time actually hosting.


Thank you! i will write it down in notepad

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Hey everyone, last call for votes, I’ll be taking it down tomorrow (sometime when I remember) please break the tie for me :wink: (Or I’ll have to break it myself)

After that everyone can’t start planning their games, and then on Sunday, let the games begin!

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Insert “both” meme

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At the rate the voting is going it may just have to be a compilation of all of them :wink:

Your not the only hero in the future with magic, struggling, because you can’t save them all, but no one knows why you are a hero because your so fragile, luckily there is no fighting, just watch out for a strong gust of wind, or space winds bringing you into an alternate dimension were there are evil rulers in a very shiny land full of shiny things who are extremely intelligent.

If someone makes this game they win :slight_smile:


Great! The theme has been decided, and the mechanic vote has been decisive.

The theme:
Your not the only hero, and you can’t save them all

The Mechanic:
No set mechanic

I will get the announcement page up by Sunday (hopefully Sunday morning, but my next couple days are absolutely insane).

Now is the time to start planning, but don’t start on the actual game until Sunday :slight_smile:


For me Sunday is just about over (GMT+12), and I’ve had a chance to think about a game! I’m going to post WIP work here because the chance of me actually finishing a game are low enough I don’t think it’s worth me creating a thread.

The game idea: A spacecraft has disintegrated in orbit. The crew managed to get into escape pods and the escape pods are falling onto the planet below.
You’re a colonist on the planet and take part in the disaster response. Together with several other hover-pilots, you have to go and save as many crew as you can. Not all the escape pods will make it through intact, not all of them will survive long after landing unless (one of you) gets to them.

You’re not the only hero: You’re part of a team performing the rescue
You can’t save them all: Because some of them will die

So what did I do today? Well, here’s a video showing flying around in a hovercraft:

The land measures 102km square and the mountain peaks are 3km high. Yes, they are represented 1:1 in blender. The heightmap is the land area near where I grew up!
If I were to apply the heightmap to the landscape, the blend file would be HUGE, but because it’s all generated (by blender not in real-time), the blends are <10Mb. That’s also why it takes so long for “Loading Environment”.

Yeah there are some glitches in the land LOD, but I don’t think it’s serious enough to be worth fixing at the moment.

Next steps:

  • Fix up the flight mechanics to not be buggy
  • Drop pods falling from the sky

I like you idea a lot, and I hope you can get it all figured out to post a finished project. I know what it is like to be busy though. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for this competition!

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