Bgmc 34 winner

The vote has ended and the winner of BGMC 34 is @joelgomes1994 with the game Macaw Squad [BGMC 34] Macaw Squad. Congratulations to everyone who competed I am glad to see all of the games that were made. I am hoping once my school work load is less that I can give some feedback on all of your games! Sorry I haven’t really been a big part of this, I barely finished my homework last week :slight_smile:

Here is the game pack [BGMC 34] Game Pack - #4 by fredstash

Have a great day! Thanks for all you guys did to help out!



Great work @joelgomes1994!


Thank you @fredstash for setting up the jam, everyone who participated and @Diego_Almeida_Santos and @Capuco_Gamer whose joined forces with me during this jam. These events helps keeping the BGE alive somehow, which is great.

At the end of march I’ll show up again to start planning the next BGMC.