[bgmc 34] You are not the only hero and you can't save them all

My entry for BGMC34.

Code, animation, models and textures by me.
Music by: https://soundcloud.com/insanaludacrisianthems
Van model by White Mamba of blenderartists.org



W,A,S,D = move
Shift = sprint
Right mouse = aim
Left mouse = shoot
F5 = restart game
Esc = pause
Q = quit (whilst paused)

Didn’t quite get everything done and a number of bugs remain.
You will need blender 2.79b to run the game, or you could download the windows executable version.

Blend Files Link


While it took me a bit to get used to the character’s direction of movement changing as he turned, I really liked the gameplay you have. I found the shooting controls quite comfortable.