BGMC 35 Final Vote

As mentioned on the main topic, these are the entries for the BGMC 35. Choose the winner below!

  • Dangerous Deliveries

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Dangerous Deliveries




Well, the voting ended yesterday, and the winner is @SmilingSquirrel with the game Dangerous Deliveries. Congratulations, man!

I also thank @Liebranca for participating this edition, and everyone who suggested a theme. Unfortunately there were not many entries this time, but let’s hope that next time there will be more people participating.

Alrighty then! I’ll plan to begin the next one around end of July/start of August.

Thank you all for the votes, and thank you @joelgomes1994 for hosting. See you all next BGMC!

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On one hand it’s kind of sad we didn’t see more games because the setting was really cool, but on the other hand I’m pretty happy we both went with legacy UPBGE. No hate on eevee, I just love the Blender Render look. It’s got that old school charm, yknow?

I believe I’ll try putting together some asset packs next time around. Like, some basic GPL’d models and code. Basically a groundwork for others to jam on. Maybe that’ll get more people to give it a spin?

Anyhoo, good times. I loved this one c:


That would be pretty useful, Im sure, being able to use ready made asset packs. Great idea.