BGMC 36 Entry: Rivals Gone Bad


I don’t know how to use
Here’s the linkie:
G Drive: Download

And here’s some screenshots of my very simple game:

How very cool, isn’t it? Hope you like it :+1:
I forgot to add the second player controls in the layout: it’s the arrow keys :point_up:

Bussi, Iza


The game looks great, looking forward to playing it.

Downloaded the game, started and tried it out. Here is my opinion:

The Good:

  • The menu looks great, very smooth and professional and easily explains the game controls
  • The game looks very nice, I love the characters
  • Timer is a good way to force action and its self-explanatory
  • There is a lot of potential in this prototype, it gives of “Worms” and “Terraria” vibes

The Bad

  • Game is too big for BGMC, its ~500MB (Actual game is ~600kB, the rest is prerequisites)
  • Game is packed as Windows only, for BGMC you should only distribute the blend file
  • On my PC the frame rate is 0.5-1 FPS
  • On my PC the controls for left and right don’t work. Both sides can jump and punch but can’t move
  • Don’t know what version of Blender you used to make it so I can’t download it and fix the issues

Great job on completing the project, it really shows a lot of potential and I would love to help you add some network functionality once these main issues are solved.

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Oh, well that’s not good :thinking:

I’ll see that it’s fixed, also I’ll put up a link to just the blend file :+1:
Very good critique, thanks a lot!

The Link now should show an option to download the source .blend with all files packed, ~60MB
The blender version used is an UPBGE 0.3.0 build from today, the 8th August 2021, the project also uses the logic nodes addon

Performance might be quite bad on lower-end machines because I packed all the logic into one big node tree, that can surely be optimized

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Just wanted to let you know, I wondered why I couldn’t find your game under the game engine topics. It looks like you posted it under “Artwork” - “Finished Projects”.

Anyway, looking forward to playing it!

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Oh, that was my bad :man_facepalming:
I moved it now

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I’m on Mac OS, so I think I’m using an older version of UPBGE than you because Windows has a newer UPBGE release. Anyways, is that why my screen looks like this?

Okay, disabling the camera logic fixed it. Probably created a bug by doing that, but seems to work fine now as long as it’s not full screen. I get some weird screen flickering when it’s full screen.

That’s so weird :thinking:
Normally that shouldn’t be a problem, because there’s no fancy nodes in the camera tree (which is confusingly called “Sounds”)

Can you play the thing at all when camera logic is disabled?

Yeah, it works fine with the camera logic disabled, aside from my lighting looking different than yours. Most of the lights don’t work and the map looks pitch black.