BGMC 36 Game Vote

  • Fringe Wizards
  • Blue Racer
  • Two Color
  • Maze
  • Art Raider
  • Rivals Gone Bad

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I’ll leave the poll open until Aug 16th.

Here’s the (almost) Complete Game Pack
You can get Rivals Gone Bad from here >

Fringe Wizards by Fredstash

Blue Racer by BluePrintRandom

Two Color by socoto2030

Maze by Hibyehello

Art Raider by joelgomes1994 and Diego_Almeida_Santos

Rivals Gone Bad by Iza_Zed

(I’m sorry @Iza_Zed, your game files were larger than Github would allow me to upload, so your game is absent from the complete games pack.)

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  • BUMP -
    Please play all entries and then vote!

I don’t feel right voting as I am in the competition but there were some really nice entries this time around!

Great work all and thank you for participating!


When is the vote closing (this was mostly just to bump the vote again)


I played every game, (that was playable) and I voted for myself, (shrug)
I put quite a bit of effort into my game, and it is actually able to be expanded into a full game as it’s a procedural track system.

great entries all around though.


Well, it was my plan to close the vote this morning, but it looks like there’s a tie. Would you two, @fredstash @BluePrintRandom, like me to set up a runoff poll, or do want to hash out responsibility for the next BGMC between yourselves.


Maybe both pick a theme for the next one and we vote between the two?


yeah lets call it a tie!!

and we usually let the community pick anyway :smiley:

I learned a ton and it was super worth it.
hint: check resources


Ok. Sounds good! Then the winners are BluePrintRandom and Fredstash!


Its now time for a new bgmc ???


Sounds good to me! I’m just very busy (work and school).


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