BGMC 36 Has Ended

If I remember the older BGMC rules properly, YES, you’re just supposed to post a link to the files in your WIP thread.

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Great, thanks! :grinning:

I’m super excited, and I have an idea I want to run with. I should be able to post earlier this week, but I won’t have wifi (probably) on Friday or Saturday. I look forward to seeing what everyone makes!

Good Luck!

Is it okay if I submit early on the 8th? (since I won’t have wifi)

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I think that should be fine.

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Hello can u tell me how to submit a game this is my first time

Just create a thread with the title starting with [BGMC36] containing all the needed information about your game (also download links) and you’re ready to go. My post from a previous BGMC as an example.

@SmilingSquirrel Maybe some rules on the main post may help (for example).

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got a question. im working on my game and i thought to ask. when you say two colors, does that mean that the entire game can only have two colors or does that mean that the theme of the game itself must be about two colors? there’s so many technicalities of how i can perceive this but i dont want my game to be disqualified because of how i think.

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I think you’re pretty much allowed to interpret it as you want.


awesome! thank you!

Sorry this is so late, but just a reminder that today is the last day of the BGMC.


Oh snap! I think my entry is late now, I though sunday was still in time :frowning:
It would be this though: BGMC 36 Entry: Rivals Gone Bad if you wanna take it into account

What? because they changed the BGMC 36 to the 7th of August?

I will have to cancel my game :confused:

#BGMC36 Incomplete

Well, I’m sorry as it sounds like I managed to cause confusion for the ending date. As I seem to have tripped everyone up, I’ll definitely list all the games submitted for voting.
This now leads me to a question about the date timer I set up. For me it displays Aug 1, 2021 → Saturday, is this what it shows for everyone else, or is it displaying a different time for anyone?

I would just tell everyone to submit their game :slightly_smiling_face: I would appreciate having everyone’s games included- though I’m not the host so, I don’t really have a say


There is no need to cancel games because of being late a few hours. Publish it and let the best game win. In the past, we all had WIP threads to show we are working on our games and everyone knows if we are late a few hours that the game is coming and it’s made during the BGMC.

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When did you want it to end? Saturday for you is not the same as Saturday for people in New Zealand (or any other country closer to +12 UTC). This is what I see when I hover over the end date. Note how it’s on Sunday for me.


#BGMC36 Not finished, but playable:

Ok, thanks! I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to the time zones, sorry!