BGMC 5 | Inpatient

OK, so this is silly. I am the one who chose the topic for this competition and STILL do not have an idea of what to make.
Oh well, hospitals creep me out, so my game will be called Inpatient and will be set in a hospital.
That’s all I know. No idea what I’ll make the game-play like, what the graphics will be, or how the heck I’ll finish it in 4 days with 2 10-hour shifts to work in the middle.
I’ll keep this thread updated with (hopefully) major progress points.


if you can not make a horror game(writer block) tries to get out of the horror classic patterns. (even if the hospital does not give much freedom)
but one ,easy to link to horror (in second time)

can be an car game also , one car which go in a desolated city , but regard to hospital
maybe you can do, what goes out with the ambulance :smiley:

Well, I got delayed at work and didn’t realize this was the last evening. I got home and excitedly began making my game only to realize there is no way I am going to finish tonight (I thought I had another day).

The game was going to be a FPS defense game, where you blockade yourself at the end of a hospital hallway and defend yourself against hordes of evil nurses, doctors, and mutating patients. I only got the hallway and nurse modeled before I realized how out of time I was. Here is what it was looking like:

Looks like I’ll have to plan better next month :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, everyone else!

Unlucky! Although it did look good :slight_smile:

hey, texture a part…

the mesh is very well made!!! low poly in SUPER HIGHT quality!

That’s what I think too. These zombie-nurses look exquisite! :evilgrin:

It’s a shame it won’t be finished. Or maybe you could still finish it someday???