BGMC 7 -BPR SuperStar escape

You are a star, everyone is trying to bring you down


here is the game missing some key components still
but it is the latest build

on the first post

I did not update this thread as I posted in the finished games section


ZRise.blend (950 KB)

I often wish that people would at least be able to provide some gameplay prototype screens before they start a WIP thread.

In this case it’s almost like you just wanted to be the first to post a thread, it’s a good idea to not start a WIP thread until there’s something for the reader to look at.

How about this?


WishUponAStar.blend (582 KB)

Update added some stuff
First attack “Flash” press Q:)


WishUponAStar (1).blend (653 KB)

Generally, I think it would be best if you posted screenshots and an explanation of the game before an actual blend file upload.

EDIT: After testing it out, I see the physics usage is really quite high. Perhaps you should make it a priority to optimize things as best as you can before continuing.

Good idea :slight_smile:

This is called dreaming on a star, you are a fallen star, trying to get back to the heavens

Fixed physics :slight_smile:

Ok added some more effects and made it faster, I am going for sonic goes to space…


Wish.blend (697 KB)

Ok here is a better version and more prettiness :slight_smile:


Wish.blend (947 KB)

Added some back ground effects, needs a little work though,


ZRiseAttempt.blend (1.03 MB)

You know, it would help a lot of you were like some of the other users here and use the first post as a place to have all of the latest game files and information.

You can still update in new posts, but it’s inconvenient to make people search through the topic just to download the latest update (and also see the latest screenshots and videos once you start making those).

Good call mr. dragon :slight_smile: