BGMC 7 | Mokazon's game

Just creating this thread as a placeholder. Will upload some content tomorrow.



Didn’t this have to be up before Saturday?

I am not sure :slight_smile:

Are rules are not that strict, its more important to participate, have fun, make something to show that you ca make a game in 2 days and post your game here before Monday. The goals is to separate good game developers on this forum from the ones that just talk a lot. All participants post blend files of their game so others can learn from them.

Thanks Josip, I had just completely forgotten about BGMC on friday and saturday, so I’ll see what I can whip up today. I made some concepts and planned out the game last night.

O well, I stopped working on mine due to deadlines, I had fun though anyway :slight_smile:

Good luck and happy blending Mokazon

What are you talking about, there is still a few hours left.

O lol
I will get on it,

Edit: I have run into a GUI crashing bug,
anyone have any ideas why?

Sorry wrong thread!!
I’ll ask them to move it for me

I go to layer 2, make some changes, come back to layer 1 hit P and blender fails,
I am not sure if it is a 2.65 thing or?


ZRise (1).blend (1.14 MB)

First screenshot:

I’ve decided to continue working on this game for a bit after the BGMC. Here’s an animated GIF of how it was at end of the challenge:
If it’s stuck, or doesnt load, try clicking this link:

Mostly what I need to do now is add more obstacles and things as you get higher up

Here’s also a .blend you can play, if you like! (I’m using Blender 2.66)

thats nice!

have tried it and i must say it is very addictive. Simple and good idea. I would have been voted for you!
But for bad players as me, it is a bit hard. Maybe the ball should fall a bit slower to keep the frustating level a bit lower (Never reached the height, were i could see the cute birds. But from your gif it seems to be possible at least for a good player as you ).

thanks guys

I’ll consider making it easier, or at least having a difficulty setting. Maybe it should get hard as you get higher?

very good game mechanic, a lot of fun

Thanks josip!

Very, very nice! But I would say the same as moshus: for me it’s a bit too difficult. I am thinking that it would be easier if the player could draw the line with only 1 click / release.

Thanks, I’ll add click and drag lines then

Sounds good! …because with a laptop pad, it’s very difficult to double-click and be precise at the same time… :smiley: I haven’t tried it with a mouse at this time.

It’s pretty cool.

I just get a few glitches. I haven’t been able to pin them down, but sometimes when I release the LMB, the end of the trampoline snaps somewhere I didn’t intend it to go. In addition, the ball sometimes just totally goes through the trampoline (before placing down the end of the trampoline).

Other than that, overall, I had no problems with the game. Cool.