Bgmc 7

The Blender Game Making Challenge 7 just ended and its time to vote.

You can find all the games that finished on time here.

There might be other versions of those games in some other thread on the forum but these are the last versions uploaded before the deadline. Vote for the best game using the poll on this thread and also leave a comment to let the developer know how great he is and how to improve.


I really like the game Sky by Mattline but I had some trouble with the camera and that made it very hard to play.
RFC 5414 by SolarLune looks really good but runs on 12 fps on my notebook. However the style is really awesome and reminds me of some old cartoons.
Black And White Dawn by Pqftgs has a really good feel to it. A nice little cut scene in the beginning and then transition to the gameplay is very professional.
Sky Pilot by Sdfgeoff was too hard for me, but I will give it a try later again. This game has a pretty realistic mood even without GLSL.
SuperStar Escape by BluePrint Random was interesting but needs more work on level design.

Disappointing, I wish you would make it so that it ends midnight of whatever timezone the person is in… I hardly got any time to make a game.

I am not sure what to say, I think it was clear that we are using GMT to sync up. How do you propose we make it better for the next one ?
Do a 7 day challenge instead of 2 maybe ?

Seems like 7 days is enought time to make a decent game, i hardly got any ideas to do on 2 days.

Good job all, I did not finish either but it was fun “Firing” out a game,

I wish I was a better texture artist :slight_smile:

Thank you Josip !!

I was busy thinking about wrecktified honestly :slight_smile:

Josip, a 7 day one would be fun. Either way, with the weekends, I dont think there should be a timezone. It should be just ‘finish before midnight in whatever time zone you are in’. In a friendly challenge like this, it shouldnt make much difference. Especially for people in the west coast of USA, the deadline is early in the afternoon and they dont get much time to work on it.

I had some time to work on my game, but I have many other things going…

and I went for a ton of nice walks!!

Lake county Ca is amazingly beautiful…
Just no work :slight_smile:
Most people don’t even know it exists,
but it is one of the oldest population centers in north america :slight_smile:

Oh, but I liked GMT, because then it goes from when he posts it (my friday) through to GMT midight (mid-monday)! But I do find I don’t have much time on weekends, so perhaps over a week would be better.

Josip, any reason you found it too hard? Running out of fuel? Drifting sideways?
The easiest way is to look around till you see it, rotate to face it, and then start moving forwards. If you start moving before you’re facing it, you may find you drift sideways quite far.

Yeah, the camera is the most important thing in his game, if you can’t see where you are falling, you can’t counter anything,
though it was a tad shaky I thought it was like a harrier, coming in for a landing in choppy weather :slight_smile:

that is why I voted for it :slight_smile:

So far I have tried RFC, Dream Pirate, and Black and White Dawn.

I liked what was done with RFC considering the time limit. Though the controls drove me crazy as I am used to flying with inverted controls. This has my vote so far.

Dream Pirate looked nice, though I found it extremely difficult to hit anything. And I am still not sure if I was hitting my target, as there was little feedback. And then the game crashed :P. I did like this entry though.

Black and White Dawn definitely made me laugh as I tried to control my poor penguin that went all over the place and inevitably died in a fiery explosion. I like that this game didn’t over simplify flying by not letting you stop in mid air.

Let me know what you think of Super Star Escape
Though it is not done I had alot of fun,
I had some bugs in the end

For some reason it kept crashing after I edited a item on layer 2 and went back to layer 1 and hit p

Dream pirate: I’m very jealous of the background scene. Also played for quite some time and couldn’t get blender to crash.

Super Star Escape: Overall it had an interesting feel. I especially enjoyed bouncing between clouds over long distance.

Black and White Dawn: Obviously the best thing that has ever been made in the history of man. Except the firing system is horrendous.

Sky Pilot: Seemed well done and had a clear goal. Only complaint was that I couldn’t wrap my mind around the controls. Perhaps displaying them on the HUD would alleviate the problem.

RFC 5414: This looks absolutely amazing. It was a bit disorienting, likely because my brain is mush at the moment.
The low framerate was somewhat discomforting.
Did I mention how awesome it looks? Wouldn’t mind seeing this go further.

Sky: Good use of sound, combined with the FOV I was quite immersed.
The only problem was that Windhowl failed to load, causing the control script to go haywire.
It worked after changing the path in controls line 144 to “Sound/Windhowl.ogg”
Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to make much progress. Most likely my own fault.

Overall I enjoyed mine the most (bias?) but it wasn’t a 1-man effort.
2nd (in terms of physical enjoyment) was probably Super Star Escape, simply because it was satisfying and I knew what was going on.
Sky and Sky Pilot were the most complete. And RFC landed the biggest impression.
I’ll have to mull this over…

Ok, so it looks like a 7 day challenge would be better for everyone. The winner of this challenge will be able to pick a theme and starting date of the next challenge.

Also thanks for the feedback about the game, its very usefull.

I am not sure, its kind of hard to keep the ship steady and control it, but don’t worry, its just me no used to flying.

Dream Pirate: A floating movement would feel nicer for me. (Like those in “Sky Pilot”) The ship starts and stops moving to abrupt. The landscape is nice. Hit-feedback would be nice. I just killed some by crushing into them :smiley:

SuperStar escape: Missing intro on how to play. Strange camera angle. Funny jumping on clouds.

Sky Pilot: Shouldn’t “Back” bring you back instead of quit? :wink: Nice movements. But why do I always crash-land? I was very slooooow and still crashing :frowning:

Black and White Dawn: Intro + controls - nice. Penguin is very hard to control.

RFC 5414: Missing intro on how to play. Around 3.5FPS – not really playable. Nice landscape and character. And a heck lot of Python code.

Sky: Getting a lot of those:

Python script error - object 'player_obj', controller 'Python Script':
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "controls", line 219, in <module>
  File "controls", line 90, in speed_fx
KeyError: 'windhandle'

Can start the game but moving turns view upside down and zooms in very much. Unplayable - I would say.
Missing intro on how to play. Nice start-screen.

so far i only tested the following ones:
Dream Pirate, Sky Pilot, Black and White Dawn, and Sky

Dream Pirate: was good, but the movement seemed too linear, a little floating effect would be awesome, i would love to see it finished :wink:

Sky Pilot: very cool, i just got lost with up and down controlls and crashed a lot, but still a nice game

Sky: very cool, i just loved it, indeed i have nothing bad to say about this one!

Black and White Dawn: i liked this the most, i had tons of laughs when playing this one, it was a pain to controll and i ended up crashing always, but i loved the respawn system and the list of deaths at the left of the screen, i would really like to see this one finished with a skydome and an actual terrain, and a fixed camera, it would be just awesome!

7 days would be perfect.

I am not against that, I just didn’t want to make the challenge long and distract people from their projects.
The next one will then be 7 days long.
Don’t forget to spread the word to get more votes and feedback. Write down everything people like and dislike about your game and use that to guide you in the future.

Thanks to everyone who participated, the goal of inspiring each other is accomplished.

Thank you again Josip !!!

I had so much fun!!

I wish I could stay more focused but people are actually working on my game now,
So I am super distracted trying to manage the project and sketch
(I have killed whole trees this weekend)

Too bad many of you were having issues with Sky, loved that one, didn’t have any issues. Took me a few tries to figure out how to play it, but after that it was great, loved the time constraint, the atmosphere/level design, movement system, great game.

I did also enjoy Black and White Dawn, although never managed to hit anything :smiley: