[BGMC11] Blender Duck Hunt

Hi, I want to recreate the old Nes game. This is my first game in Blender and for the Assets I have the help og some guys on Blender.it forum.

I hope to finish a playable version in time.


So basically you need an artist to make 8 pixels look like a duck, explosion, hunter, and a dog? =) That was one of my first games as a kid. Good luck. Find someone who can code a Kinects in as an input device and make “Duck Puncher 2013” or “Duck Hunt the Chuck Norris Edition”.

The engine of the game is 50% complete, you can try to shot Suzanne:

build up a scenario in 2 hours… tanks on turbosquid free model and image :smiley:

Simple game play

Nice! Looking forward to playing this classic remake (how should I know, I never played Duck Hunt)!

This is a playable version, only level 1, level 2 have a bug, don’t show the interface: