BGMC11 :: mPede

Hiya, I thought I might throw in my hat

mPede will be a 2.5D platform/puzzle game in which the player must guide a millipede as it burrows to the center of the earth.

The millipede itself is an elaborate walking ragdoll that can creep or hop left or right and burrow through certain materials. You will have to avoid obstacles such as rolling rocks, human footsteps, lava, and flowing water. The millipede can be split up into numerous parts and still walk, but the end segments or middle segment must make it to the end. The game will showcase Blender’s soft bodies, rigid bodies, and real-time shadows.

I am still nailing the physics and performance in a demo level, but here is a screenshot of today’s work. I should have it up and running by tomorrow afternoon. There will probably only be between 5 and 10 levels. Textures are either public domain or made by me, trees courtesy of tree[d]

here is a .blend of the first level

and another screenshot

left or right arrow - creep
up + left or right arrow - hop
down + left or right arrow - writhe
R - restart

make sure you don’t flip over or get curled into a ball! If you get stuck, press R to restart!

I will add a few more levels over the next fewdays. Hope you like it.

here’s a video