BGMC11 |Strange world RPG

A classic RPG, based around exploring and surviving in nature in a world where every thing want’s to kill you.
The game now mainly revolves around farming now.

I haven’t had much time to work on this yet, here is a image of what I managed in the little time I had.

I haven’t had much time to work on the game yet, so I spend what little free time I had to make the prop pieces I will be using.

I kept the models lowpoly to keep the size of the file small, yet the amount of textures keeps increasing the size.
Starting today I will work to finish the game.

I will not have the time to work on this any more so this will be the last update.

It looks more done than it really is, at this stage you can only pickup sticks and stones and thy won’t appear in the inventory.

Have you got any more screenshots?

Staring the real work on my game today.
I will proceed to make the models and code I need while playing the game.

Here is the Blend:

I had hoped to find some time today to at least add some game play elements to the blend, but I found none.:no: