BGMC16 - Minosaur

So, I have finally managed to finish my game. No time to show any screenshots yet, I am just posting the .blend. Here it is:

Enjoy the game! :wink:

Tested. It works but after a while the green enemy stopped walking around and/or chasing the player. I can’t tell why.

I made the code for the green man, I wonder if there is a navtarget off the navmesh? I added some debugging stuff, I guess I should have named the navtargets so you can see which one he gets stuck on?

if spot = 0 and count = 0 he should be navitgating, otherwise if count = 60 that may mean I coded something wrong in the navtarget movement section.

OK! Still time to polish today, BPR. If you find something, inform me :wink: Thank’s for review pgi! :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a navtarget off the navmesh?

I gave up on the navmesh. Crashes almost every time.
I use my old standby, a track_to_closest object script modified with a Radar sensor to avoid objects, and motion actuators (walk,run, etc.)
Then I spawn nodes for the enemy to track to. When the player runs from the enemy, he spawns a node at every turn, when the enemy is near the node, it ends the node, and so on.
The enemy can then chase the player around corners and such. If the enemey faces an obsticle the radar makes him turn.

Downloading now. Will play it later. :slight_smile:


Little green guy got stuck which gave me free reign, I like it. :slight_smile:
I found the key and tried to open the door, but it wouldnt open. (I think it’s the door) The enemy was stuck right in front the door and I was able to get really close to him without being seen.

Adrian, How do I open the door?

My experience wasn’t too different than that of theoldguy.
The monster man got stuck in front of the door, and though the key did open the door, there were 4 more doors left behind that didn’t open.

Also kinda curious as to why about 3/4 of the map is an opened area? My guess is it’s unfinished, so why not just move the exit gate to the east, or even south of the map? Would have been a fun game if not for it being unplayable, and the questionable level design. Seem to remember you saying you didn’t have much time to work on it, so I guess it’s excusable!

Well, yeah - I couldn’t finish walls. At the Sunday I could do it if my parents wouldn’t restrict me(they set Sunday as a “rest day from computer” for me and dissallows Blender. But the monstar man stuck in door - that’s expected. Actually, he was more meant to cache you when he see and if you go through door while beeing under chase, you can close door to hide!

It was a good game, but I couldn’t work out where to go or what to do in order to win…
Nice gloomy atmosphere though. :smiley:

Thanks! :slight_smile: Well, you had to find key out somewhere, after tht find door, go through it and move around to the exit!:smiley:

I’ve seen enemies get stuck on pay for games, it happens. In “God Of War” an enemy minion got stuck and I had to restart the whole dern game. LOL. Maybe spawning the enemy from an inactive layer when the player hits a trigger, or is near a trigger, would have helped. Then if the first enemy got stuck, as the player proceeds another enemy could spawn.
Still very good for the time you had. :slight_smile:

I liked the light, that was a nice touch and worked well, as did the specularity on the stones. Nice!

Thank you! I am glad that some people like this!:slight_smile: