[BGMC16]Pre-Made assets

So, here I am going to post my pre-made assets of BGMC16. Maybe we can post here resources all together to make it more compact? It’s just an idea, however, all the assets here. I will post them right after I make all the pre-made assets. Later I will also post here outside assets(from some websites). :slight_smile:

I’ve got an A* pathfinding setup I’ll post here (useful because it works with randomly generated levels too, unlike the normal BGE walkmeshes). Also a base human model with a couple of animations and skins. They won’t be anything special but could be useful for anyone else who lacks time to make something better. I’ve got a basic sound pack I can post too, with footsteps, gunshots explosions, fire etc…

This is no good idea.
A) currently you do not post anything. This disqualifies this thread to be in the resource section.
B) If you mix a lot of assets together, it is not possible for you to maintain them as you are not the only contributor.
C) others will ignore your asset as they do not find them -> they are hidden in a pile of other posts
D) it is nearly impossible to discuss/comment your asset due to the chaos that quickly grows.

You can indeed create a single thread that collects your assets. It is up to you how you organize them. You can edit your threads if the layout does not match your needs.

Be aware this is a forum. It is not designed to manage assets. What we do right now we “misuse” this sub-forum. It misses a lot of support for asset management which is needed as more assets are present. Therefore keep your threads simple. Always have a specific and descriptive title, what a reader can expect. The forum gives you a discussion platform … that is the job it can do really good:D.

If I find I way on how to get current volume(maybe decibells) of sound, I could make a sensor system for sound detection(the louder sound, the further enemy can hear you)! Do BGE python support sound volume calculations?

This is a bit off-topic to your own thread ;).

I do not think he BGE supports such things. But it should not be a big deal to calculate the distance to the virtual sound source(s).

Never was a big fan of premade assets rule, you could essentially make your whole game before the comp even starts and call it “premade”. (a little extreme, sure no one would actually do that) Only time I’ve ever used something that was premade was due to laziness, not because I was short on time. I think that may be the case for others, too. Certain that rule is taken advantage of… aren’t many things that take excessive amounts of time to make, even if you’re forced to use a default cube, do that instead.

This thread is also completely unnecessary, what I’d do would be to attach whatever I made to my WIP thread, a lot simpler that way. As for sharing the assets, can’t think of any instance where someone actually used a model that was shared on the forums (maybe something taken from Blend Swap, but not from the BGMC).

Have a feeling no one else is gonna agree with me on this, just not sure if it’s necessary to have this rule.
I could be wrong!

Well, about the fact you told about the simple cube- you can’t win with simple cube. What I am doing is making a textures for that cube that others will later be able to use elsewhere too as they will be fully open, also for comercial use.

My planned textures and node shaders:

  • Gravel
  • Mossy bricks
  • Dirty water(for dark areas where no reflections/refraction needed)
  • Wood
  • Props’ textures(antique tables, chairs, torches…) and models
  • Some monster textures and models

I will post all that I make before the May 23.

Textures take a time to make, but I wanna use my own textures, so I do this…

I’ve always wondered about this in Game Jams. A lot of experienced developers have a whole host of scripts, sound effects, textures, etc… which they reuse when starting a new project. I’m sure most of us have a folder on our computer labeled “Projects” or “Assets” or some such name with lots of stuff we can dip in to for inspiration or placeholders. Even re-writing a script you’ve already written takes less time than writing it from scratch. It’s pretty much impossible to make a rule which would take away this advantage.

On the other hand, there are lots of free resources available to anyone. Some are posted here on Blender Artists, others can be found on the French/German/Russian/Japanese Forums, and some are even built in to Blender already (such as the nav mesh or Level of detail functions).

When I took part in the 7DRL (7 Day Rogue Like) competition last year I found myself at a considerable disadvantage because everyone else was using exiting Roguelike code libraries which included such basics as level generation, Line of sight, inventory management, and so on. I had to write those functions from scratch, and so didn’t finish the game on time.

Of course you shouldn’t build lots of assets with the direct intention of using them in your game, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea to share anything you do have lying around which might be of use to others when making their games. And it can really be worth trawling through the Resources forum, there’s a lot of good stuff there that could save you a vital couple of hours, at least as a placeholder until you get something else up and running.

If anyone is looking for other resources outside of the Blender Forums, here a re couple of good links:

Auto tracker- a script for automatically generating music.
CFXR - a tool for automatically generating sound effects.
Spritely - A tool for auto generating simple sprites from the web.

why not just create those already then publish them? it seems kinda like you are hunting attention of peeps here. And if you gonna upload resources, the forum already has this http://blenderartists.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?36-Game-Engine-Resources

This was at beggining there:D I just didn’t know that I will have to put resources there imediately:D

You’re right. Guess I was speaking mostly for myself, as I rarely even go through the resource forums.

Not so much against pre-made code/setups than I am models. Surely everyone who takes part is familiar with modeling, even making a realistic human or car only takes an hour or two. (untextured, and when working with a blueprint)
Python isn’t as simple, so I understand the need to seek out premade scripts, though I can’t say I’ve had to go out of my way to find any, my games are generally pretty simple.

you can’t win with simple cube.

Tempted to throw my plans away and try to prove you wrong, haha.
I agree that a cube would show extreme signs of laziness, absolutely no effort at all - though I’m sure if the game is amazing, it might make up for it.

What I am doing is making a textures for that cube that others will later be able to use elsewhere too as they will be fully open, also for comercial use.

This is what I was talking about, you’re deliberately making things beforehand. Even if you know you’re gonna be short on time, it’s no excuse. Those textures take barely any time to make. (excluding adding the node shaders, which I say are completely unnecessary)

Well, I don’t understand- can’t I make some textures now, that I can use in BGMC and also future projects? Is it fully illegal? If so, I will stop now, of course, but if not, than I will jsut make them. However, everyone post here everything so fast that I can’t understand anything and I also don’t understand which people likes my idea, at least part of it, and which ones hates it fully!
Sorry, a bit messed text, but currently I am busy! :wink:

It all depends on your intention.

If you are thinking of using something that is on your computer, that you didn’t make specifically for the contest but haven’t yet uploaded to the resources forum (I’ve got a bunch of half finished resources not quite good enough for uploading) you should upload them in advance so others can use them too. That’s only fair right? (Fairer still would be to not use them, but it would be a massive waste of precious time to spend 7 days rewriting loads of code which is already written and that could be useful to others).

But if you want to make and rig a main character for your game, or design a level, or make a whole new AI system in python you should do that within the 7 days, not before.


I’ve got a pathfinding script which I made for an old project (it’s been sitting on my computer in one form or another for over a year). It works pretty much the same as the navmesh function already built in to blender, but it can join separate navmeshes in game. This makes it perfect for handling AI on randomly generated levels, as usually the Blender navmeshes can’t be joined in game. I think I may use randomly generated levels in my competition entry and this script would be handy for that, so right now I’m rewriting it to make it more easy to use in any other people’s projects and I’ll upload it in the resources forum. Some time during the 7 days I’ll have to do the work to integrate that in to my own project, and it’s possible I won’t even use it. The standard navmeshes in Blender are much faster and would be a better choice if I don’t decide to make random levels.

In any case, the script is part of another ongoing project of mine, and I would have been working on it today anyway since I found a bug in the script the other day that needed fixing and I’ve also been trying to improve the path smoothing function, again for my ongoing RPG project.

What do the denizens of Blender Artists Forums think? Would it be OK to use such a script in this way?
If everyone has access to it before the competition begins, there’s no advantage for me is there? But if I just rewrote the script during the competition time, cutting and pasting some of the lines from an old project would only take an hour or two, and that would be quite unfair of me I think.

I guess that depends on the person. Personally, I find writing python scripts much easier, and funner than modeling, (although I’m not real good at either of them). So models, rather than scripts are more what I would be trying to find pre-made.

For me scripting usually takes less tame than modelling and texturing, especially UV unwrapping which takes forever…

I think the intention of the “no pre-made assets” was to prevent someone uses the given time to polish an already nearly finished game, or just creates a new level for a finished one.

Unfortunately, it is a massive limitation of the available tools. The members that are able to finish a game have some pre-made assets already (e.g. “mouselook”, “menu system”). To be honest Blender is not an authoring tool, nor a level editor. So you need pre-made assets.

So I think the “provided to the community” addition is a great idea. It means:
A) you explicitly state what is not done within the time limit
B) others can use the asset as well
C) you state assets that might not be created by you
D) you can create a game without reinventing the wheel

Always keep in mind:

The intention of the BGMC is to show we can create working games and it is fun doing this.