BGMC16 short live-stream!

Hey Guys! I am doing a bit of an experiment. If all goes well I may live-stream most of the blender games that I play. I would love to hear your feedback thank you! :yes:

Say hi in chat for me.

Livestream is over, I have learned a good bit for the future and I hope to do these more often.
Most likely will be Saturdays starting at about 8pm EST. I will focus on blender games but there may be day where I will stream other stuff.

You can watch the recording of the live stream here:

I approve. The interactive feedback is so good.

I didn’t have much time so I mostly just watched mine, I was planning on adding more instructions (like eagles like light so they will be closer to it in the caves). And anyone playing the last level don’t feel bad I haven’t beaten it myself. Thanks for all of the play throughs I look forward to watching more (it is very helpful to have testers).

yeah, it also exposes what people are playing vs what you entered :confused:

Only caught the last 15-20 minutes or so, was quite entertaining!
Next time, maybe create the thread a few hours prior, might attract more people, I understand this was only a test (or rather an experiment) but throwing it out there, just in case!

Just discovered you can jump, and jumping over the shadows doesn’t kill you!

Yeah, that’s how I beat the last level too. Those birds were pretty hard.

If you’re interested about the random level generation I used in my own project;
Its called a BSP tree method. Its fairly common in roguelikes, which my game kind of was… You start with a square of a certain size and then split it in half at a random point. Then split each half again and again. This creates the rooms, then you use the branch like structure of the tree (each half is a child of the rectangle which formed it) to draw corridors to connect each room. Then I got a list of all the room squares and randomly placed the gold, bombs, enemies, player and powerups, with a large border around the player to keep him safe when spawning. You can find the recipe for each level in in the blender text editor.