BGMC16 Winners!!!!

Wow!! It’s been a close one! The calibre and quality of the entries is really impressive for this contest. It’s no wonder the voting was so close.

1st place: Crazybombninja by Smoking
Congratulations! An expertly made game, with a great level generation system and game play to match.

2nd place: BOX, The Sneakering by Lushmoss
Great concept of sneaking past cats, loved the Alan Partridge face on the box and the stylised cats.

3rd place: Tesseract by Shogun Lloyd
Brilliant and beautiful use of light and sound, loved the colours, with some suspenseful game play.

Well done to everyone who took part. I had a great time playing through the games. Sooo many good entries!

Congratulations Smoking! I wait the next BGMC :slight_smile:

Congrats to all. Well done Smoking_mirror. :slight_smile: My 6yr old grandson loves this game, (as well as “The Sneakering”). He wishes he could use an xbox controller, LOL but does well with the arrow keys. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, and congratulations to lushmoss and Shogun Lloyd.

You can play a final “enhanced” version of the game here:
I made some changes and fixes based on player feedback.
No game pad support yet though, sorry^^

I look forward to BGMC 17! :smiley:

I’m going to try Windows version, but I am still hoping you release also Linux version - please!
Windows version works fine, but the resolutions ain’t working correctly. It looks like fulscreen, but it doesn’t use the whole screen. Could you make player have chance between fulscreen and windowed mode? Nice to see that you keep a progress on this game:)
Hah - I have top score and 2 achievements:D

Great competition with quite a few excellent entries! Congratulations!

i will win the next -

So when are you planning to do BGMC 17 @Smoking_mirror? my creative juices are ready