BGMC17 dont get wet rusty random platformgenerator ?

i am making a bgmc17 game. there is a constantly raising waterlevel beneath your feet and you have to jump on platforms that catapult you to the next level of platforms.
i have an masterempty at layer2 that produces a random number and when it touches the waterlevel it ends itself.
i got several empties parented to the first that check for the randomnumber and if it this the same than their proberty the empties generate platforms. (always 2 wiht one randomnumber)
i also got on empty parented to the masterempty that deparents itself when generated and generates another masterempty, when it gets the message: “touched” 40 be s above the first master.

my player will send the message every time it touches a platform.

the first level of platforms is generated as planed by an extra initial generatorempty but the new genereated complex does not generate anothe complex. isnt it possible at all to build it with logic bricks? any suggestions or comments welcome.


dontgetwetrustyy.blend (2.48 MB)

This sounds a bit like the architecture needed for enemy waves.

Here you can find a simple demo that does this adding adding parents.

Maybe it gives you a little bit of help.

this looks good. i have found a solution similar to this and hope it will work. often when i go out with my dog i think about such problems and sometimes i find a solution. i will duplicate the whole generatorcomplex two times so complex one will generate complex two will generate complex 3 will generate complex 1… hope this works. thanx. hope i got enough time to put a bottle of prof.monsters antirust wonderpotion into the game.

i found out that i had one object that is parented to the masterobject had layers 1 and 2 activated. this has been the whole mistake. it worked fine after i changed it and tweaked a few thigs. as always, the biggest mistake often sits in front of the screen.