BGMC17 Don't get wet, Rusty!

Hey everybody,

a little late, but i would like to introduce you to my friend the Rain-Sewer-Technobot RS-T (his friends call him Rusty)
ok, rusty is fully controllable by mouse, thrusters are at left mousebutton. the idea is to safe rusty from the raising rainwater in the sewer by steering him on repulsorplattforms that let him jump up to the next level of plattforms (who said doodlejump 3d?) i plan to make different kinds of platforms to give rusty more airtime or extra thrusters for faster manouvers but also negative platforms that make the water raise quicker and let plattforms disapear. you see, i got next to no textures til now and the time is short.


It feels like it is lagging for you a lot:(

that is the video-record program and my ooooold pc (bios copyright 2007) dual core 2300 mhz. there is only one texture till now and you can even immagine that there are only a few polygons there. this game will not lag at all.

Oh my god how would my game run on your pc then :O. Nice concept, hope you can finish it.

I have lessened chance to get his vote, because my computer is like a minimum setup for my game to run fine(OK - CPU is far enaugh, dualcore 2.2 GHz would run it fine, I think). And I understand that you have the same thing there:D

i will check the games and will judge the concept and the view if it doesnt run on my pc. dont worry. give the best you can. but remeber the more players can play your game the more can judge it.