BGMC17; Suggestions and Discussion.

So, what is it going to be about and when should it take place?

So far I only have one theme idea so far and that’s “the game of the movie!” So you choose a classic movie and make a tie in game.

EDIT; Oh wait, my other idea was mini puzzle game. Like a mini game in a full game, pick a lock, or clean your gun, or make sushi, or bowling mini-game, home dentistry, fishing game or code breaking puzzle or something like that.

Game of the movie was BGMC 10, but I wouldn’t mind doing that again. It was quite awhile ago.

Mmm… Fishing game sounds nice…

I have had some ideas:

  • Real time strategy game(like C&C, AoW, all of theese tower defense games)
  • Simple Blender tech demo(either showing graphics, physics or logic capabilities out of the maximum)
  • Fighting game(like Tekken, Mortal Kombat, maybe even Death By Degrees and Yakudza)
  • Table game coded(make a table game like Monopoly, Katan etc. in Blender playable multiplayer(and/or vs AIs) with as much of the games features, as possible)
  • Simulation game(like Flight simulators, car simulators, animal life simulators or maybe even like Sims(low chance at making game in that style in the period of week), etc.)

The movie game sounds like a fantastic idea, but it’d be quite difficult to make a game based on movie in a week. I may try doing Resident Evil 5 movie in game(some fragments of it):smiley: I didn’t take part in BGMC 10, I didn’t know about Blender than, I think I even didn’t have a computer, so this wouldn’t be problem for me that it has happened already:)

I like the simple tech demo and simulation game idea, and about the movie theme, it would be good but there was already one BGMC about that, and as adrian said, it’s difficult.

The time - it’d be the best if it is before 1st September - first day of school. I want to do it when I don’t have to worry about the school!

Can we do strategy games? those are the best

Edit after reading the other posts: I don’t really like the simulation idea or teh tech demo, cause thats not really a game…
The table-top board games sounds fun, but it’s a pretty narrow scope and the rules could be restrictive if written wrong.
and home dentistry, ew…

I agree with Scalia, I would like strategy games the most.

I hope to participate the bgmc for the first time.

Strategy might take a while to complete. I would suggest some sort of mini-game? maybe infinite runner or something?

Infinite runner - how do we do it in BGE?

Hmm yeah, that’s true…

More ideas:

  • A game representing some casual actions or just something that each of us can face with(car driving game based on correctly completing tasks to get license, party organisator game, a water gun battle, selling products etc.)
  • Unviolent game, anything that has no violence in it or anything like that and that wouldn’t ever require PGEI(puzzle game, pet caring or animal farming, just farming a garden, city builder etc.)
  • Catasthrope simulator(a city under strong earthquake, orcane attack, meteorite falling on earth, alien attack, end of the world(maybe Biblic version?) and others like that…):slight_smile:

Um… Biblical end of the world would require extreme graphics and a very hardy stomach to play through… I’ll pass. Unviolent (that’s my new favorite word BTW) sounds good.!

@Thatimster Most of us can’t python well enough to do anything infinite. I certainly can’t… I saw @Smoking_mirror s level generator for BGMC 16, and honestly i was boggled.

Well, infinite is not hard. For runner, just spawn tiles from another layer in the integer locations close to player(check for all of them using loop and than set random boolean for each of them to either spawn tile or not spawn it). Ininity mostly bases on 2 things : loops and randoms. You need a very little lines of code to gain infiniteness. But you need to know what you’re doing.

Keen for ‘tech demo.’

Could be a tech demo for anything from graphics to gameplay to physics, or whatever. It also means you don’t have to have a playable game by the end of a week, just do how much you can get done.

Some ideas:

-Nautical themed (ocean exploration, naval combat, etc…)
-Extreme Sports (Skateboarding, base jumping, extreme ironing, free running, etc…)
-Boss battles (a game based around boss battles, perhaps recreating a favorite boss battle or making something original. Might have been brought up by someone before in a past BGMC)

Can’t say I like the idea of a tech demo, wouldn’t be very exciting. The point of these challenges is to complete a game in a week, not to cram a bunch of stuff into a file with no objective.

what about a series of themed mini games that can all be tied together as a real game?

lock picking game, weapon assembly game, sway to rythem to dodge swinging hammers, and then someone can make it into 1 coherent small game :slight_smile:

it would have to have some sort of template to not be impossible to stitch together though, and would need to be a overlay.

Hmm…, Just some of my ideas:

  1. Emphasis on story/storytelling
  2. Exploration
  3. Horror (Did this already happen?)
  4. Stanley Parable - like
  5. Water/Aerial Combat
  6. Historical (Contestants pick an event in history and make a game about it)
  7. Location based (Location is agreed upon and everybody has to make their game take place there)

Those are just a few ideas I had. I agree that it should happen before September. Also, I think strategy would be a bad idea because there aren’t a lot of tutorials on it (At least compared to other types of games).
That’s just my thoughts though.

I like the underwater, not so much all the hoo-hah over minigames…

OK, lots of ideas there.
I’m going to put up a Poll later with some of the more popular ones.

I think I agree with this, there’s lots of tech demos in the WIP forum, but the great thing about BGMC is that we get a finished game, even if it’s not that super duper to look at.

That sounds like a fun idea. There’s usually not enough time to include things like that in a regular BGMC, by the time the basic gameplay is done it’s time to submit the game. So it could be fund to see what could be with a dedicated boss battle as the whole game.

Procedural generation and infinite gameplay are some of my favorite areas of game design, but I have to admit they are pretty hard at first. Without python they are pretty much impossible. I think an “infinite” theme would produce some really great BGMC entries, but just not very many of them.

Strategy is doable int he time frame, but the results would not be as great as we might like.

Non-violent games are something I’ve wanted to do a BGMC on for a while, in the past I suggested girl’s games, but kids games would be just as interesting I think. Is it fun, educational, easy to play?

This is something else I’ve thought about, like having a meta game and have all the entries take place within that game. But seems like a lot of work for the organizer. :frowning: Also it comes back to asking everyone to use the same version of Blender.

Horror sounds good, pretty much the opposite of kids games.

I think I’m going to put this in the poll again, because it another one of those things that could be fun and hopefully not too difficult to make.

I think we can all agree it should be before September, anyone else got any time restrictions? If you go away on a summer holiday you won’t have much time for game making I expect, so when is everyone free?

I really liked Lush Moss’s Alan Partridge Easter egg last time.
How about having a requirement to include an easter egg? If so, what would be a good one? Perhaps a @Monster. :slight_smile:

So far as time, i can’t do it this weekend, but other than that we’re clear till august 9.