[BGMC19] Infrabright

The ideas are still coming to my mind, but in general:
Infrabright will be a sci-fi third person game. The main character will literally cast a light. He will be very bright, but… The light which he will cast is gone be negative. A light that eats all the other light. Game will be split into objective levels:

  • Use darkness to help others
  • Get rid of darkness to gain a positive light
  • Use light to help others

Game will be based on saving other people, helping police and so on. The design will propably be very sci-fi looking with a lot of neons and graphene plates. I hope that I can beat this all in 2 weeks especially knowing that the coming week(14 december to 19 december) is bussy week in school. But I belive that I can do this!:slight_smile:



I am in team with pagio. He’ll finally get on his work now and hopefully help this game progress faster.

Very cool unique idea, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks! I think that the result must be good!:slight_smile:

Main character design. Model done, textures left…

What’s up with the screenshots bro? I can’t see them.

Hm… I am not sure about it…
EDIT: Is it fixed now?

It says, invalid attachment. Try uploading it again.

Nah… You can see it in main post anyway…:smiley:

No can’t see anything. ok can see it now

Your character reminds my latvian girlfriend of Lāčplēsis.

Hm… Interesting… So you’ve got Latvian girlfriend looking like that? How do you mean - “of Lāčplēsis”? Is it like she works in Lāčplēsis brewery or she has kinda relation to the mythological character Lāčplēsis?:smiley: However, “Paldies par atsauksmēm!”:wink:

Es esmu Laimdota un tava sarkanā figūra tiešām izskatās līdzīga LĀčplēsim!

Hm… Jocīgi, bet nu nāksies tev ticēt…

I finally had some time to do textures on this character. Let’s get on to the basic logic and level design. For my game idea the logic will be very simple, the design will be a bit more complex, though…

I just noticed that my idea would possibly fail because I really suck at armature animations(walk, run, jump etc.) so I decided to switch to FPS.

Video testing out first texture I made and some graphics stresstests with real-time reflections to see if it would run fine. I may make it optional for user to either render each frame or only once entering specific areas(something like “on awake”, but with some refreshes).
I hope that you like it;)

ha don’t worry about bad animations. Mine are a disaster!

I HATE animating! I hate it nearly as much as UV un-wrapping! :smiley:

Looking good :slight_smile: Can you explain how you did the realtime reflections?

We’re almost identical!

Just a simple real-time rendered cubemap around the are of camera parented to player, set scene to use it’s 6 rendered images for cubemap. Cubemap setup was made by HG1 and is aviable in “Game Engine Resources” section.

Update video. Here you can see what type of game this is aiming to be. It is going to be a portal-like puzzle game, but without portals. Player’s target is to figure out a way to get to the exit door and advance to next level:)