[BGMC19] Voting and all games pack

Well done to all the contestants who managed to enter a game!

We have a total of 9.
Download the all games pack here.
I’ve made a game-starter blend that contains a screenshot of the game, the author name and allwos you to start them. Unfortunately PPSKI’s starlight doesn’t work with it, so apologies. I have no idea why your game is having issues. Please check out his game and start it from his provided .blend.


You can vote for however many people you like, but remember:

  • The more you vote for, the less the chance of your favourite winning

Also, please don’t vote for yourself

Cool, I’ll download and finish playing any I haven’t yet :slight_smile:

Dark to Light - I found a spot where they couldn’t get me so I successfully restored the ligth:D
Electrified - 264 meters high-score.
Lone Photon - Hard game, completed first 2 or 3 levels.
Light Knight - stopped at 8 kills.
others yet to test…

Lone Photon is amazing! I loved it. Very challenging. I made it to level 5 and then eventually rage quit haha

Just a very interesting concept too. A bit weird a first, but really original.

Did you really make all that in such a short time??

If so, I think I found my vote!

How many votes there are? 3 as in previous time? I must know before I vote.

I checked out almost all the games and made little Let´s Plays of each! Hope you enjoy them.
Sadly I couldn´t make one of Life in Darkness, I tried several times, but my recording software didn´t work with me, I hope you understand.

Sdfgeoff can you please also put Otto001´s name in the poll? That would be cool because we made the game together.
Would be cool if we could get some more players, maybe post this to Blendernation, so more people will see it.

Sorry, you can’t seem to edit polls. Perhaps we’ll try summoning a moderator?

Multiple votes, my nemesis.
I didn’t tested lone photon, somehow I had the wrong blender.
Light Knight didn’t worked very well here, the character did’t play the animations and the mouse buttons didn’t do anything. It looked and sound amazing.
All others worked, more or less as intended I suppose :).
Great job everyone.

Yay! Everybody got a vote:D

At everyone having problems with Light Knights animations:
Open the file in Blender 2.75 and it should work fine!

Sdfgeoff, I would be very gratefull if you could add that to your top post, under the download link, so everybody knows.

Hah… Than you should also add “pagio and DRIFTER911PL” as support crew for my game. They provided me with few assets to speed up game production:)

All these look amazing! Can’t wait to try them all. (for some reason my posts are taking a long time to go through review… Guess the mods get time off on weekends? :wink:

Quick question, to what degree is it allowed to make modifications to entered games after voting has started, if at all? For example could I add credits? Or fix a bug?

I assume adding more levels/features would be too far.

Level 5 isn’t complete, there’s no end. No wonder you rage quit :stuck_out_tongue:
I should put a warning about that…

Yes, it requires a development version to take advantage of features added to the BGE since the release of 2.76.
I’ll look into providing compiled executable downloads too, which won’t require any version of blender at all.

Really nice games, congratulations everybody :smiley:
We’ve been using those to test UPBGE adn find bugs XD

These are all great !! so proud of the community! Good luck to all!

I loved Light knight and lone photon, but lone photon was just so different then anything I played, so I voted it first :smiley:

Ah, good. I’ll try them out and vote as soon as I can.

You could have voten for both of them:D I voted for 3 games actually.

This was the quickest longest BGMC so far :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds weird, but it is true:D

Nice games as always guys!:)Congrats all