[BGMC19] When you turn off the lights

Hello! First of all, I introduce myself: my name’s Aitor, and I’m from Spain. 23 years programming student, and 3d modeller and game programmer hobbist. That’s my first thread because never have courage to open one. But I discovered the BGMC and I decide to do my own game for this.
Sorry for my poor english, it’s little rusty due I have lost some writing practice.

-When you turn off the lights-

Do you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you at night?
The feeling that there is someone else behind you in a dark hallway?
That was me.
Everyone fears me, and rightly so.
I am in charge to take you across.
I am the last thing you see in life, and the first thing you see in death.
I am Darkness …
And that’s how I work.


In this game you are Darkness, an entity who is in charge of passing away the humans, and tonight you are in a warehouse.
Five guards have been chosen by Death, and your mission is to kill them.
But caution! They have a torch and the light damage you.
If they are too scared they will run to the electrical panel, and you’ll die.
Attract them near dangerous objects and use them for your purpose.

Maybe is a little complicated but I’ll try to make it in two weeks.
Thank you!

Welcome to BGMC- I am excited to see this game it should be fun. and also your english looks pretty good to me I wouldn’t worry too much.

creative idea and good storytelling.

This game mod seems to be unfinished.