BGMC21 | DeMOLEtion


This is just a placeholder thread for the game I am going to be working on: “DeMOLEtion”, an arcade game where you play a spy mole who aims to prevent human development to save his species.

Will start posting content once I have started working on Saturday.


sounds great! looking forward to seeing that :slight_smile:

When will they die so that I can mow lawn without problems?
They also eat my vegetables. MY vegetables!!! :smiley:

Mehh, death to all humans! :wink:
Looking forward to this, sounds great.

I am also looking forward to death to all humans! :smiley:

It seems that the doomed humankind is still having fun with BGMC´s.

End of day 1. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Note that the game does not drop below 60fps. My laptop can’t keep up with recording and playing at the same time.


  1. Player movement and animations
  2. Bomb animations and moving
  3. Level generation
  4. Building spawning and animation
  5. Player states (underground, attack, surfaced)
  6. 2D filters for colour grading when underground and chromatic aberration for extra kick
  7. Camera shake and brief game pausing for extra kick


  1. Sound keeps cutting out/restarting when more than one sound is played.
  2. A few glitches here and there.

To do soon:

  1. Spawning of hazmats around buildings
  2. Spawning of lampposts around buildings
  3. Spawning of trees
  4. Hazmat AI
  5. Game states (end-game, winning, etc.)

Looking great man!!
And thats a hell of a nice idea, good luck! :smiley: