BGMC21 | Down Below | A "2.9D" horror side-scroller

Down Below
A “2.9D” horror side-scroller

Adrians Netlis
Josip Kladaric

A usual man Bil falls into a hole. It leads into a cave system. Seeing that climbing back would be impossible, he decides to go deeper in cave for exploration. He finds out that somebody has already been here. But he would be happy if he didn’t find out that there is still somebody in the cave…

Game will be in 3D, but camera will track character as in side scroller. Main objective will be to find some clever ways in order to get out of caves. It will include combat, but it won’t be main component and just defeating all enemies will be mostly impossible. Sometimes it will be better to run and find alternate ways. Game will include many puzzles. In order to get further, you will have to solve them.




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Update logs

  • Basic character controller that can walk and jump
  • Fireplace light(with shadows)


  • Fire particle system
  • Animated light for fire
  • Smooth camera movement
  • Some level logic

Update 0.01

Do you mean 2.5D? heh never heard of 2.9D hahahaha

Excellent flame simulation. :slight_smile:

I mean 2.9D. Now you have heard of it;)

Yeah, thanks!:smiley: I am actually using the easyEmit addon, just slightly modified fire so that it looks realistic:)

Hi Adrian, did you finish?
I’ll be putting together the all games pack in a day or two and I don’t want to miss anyone.

Sorry! I couldn’t finish in time this time. I’ll try to do better next time, though!:slight_smile:

Ok. Better luck next time. :slight_smile: