BGMC21 Grave Life

Inspired by Burke and Hare grave robbers and papers please.
You have to support your family but digging up graves, people are berried with some valuable stuff and a fresh body could be sold to the local university for the anatomy students.
Each time you play its slightly different as the graves are randomly spawned. I planned to make this into a day system like papers please by adding more empty graves each day to make it progressively harder but didint get round to it.

I started mid week and rushed some stuff.

And yes i did include a suzane easter egg

heres the wip: also mention in the wip i borrowed a couple of textures and grave models from an old project i did just to save a little time (see wip for link to blog post).

wasd to move
mouse to look
left mouse to dig (some graves take more diging)

Dig up money from corpses to suport your family
(was gona be like papers please but didint get the day system working.)
Avoid the gaurd or youl get caught

Just realised i named it grave living and grave life, o well.

Made by Alastair low

Heres the game link :
Note I reuploaded this as it crashed on as soom as u hit play but its the un optomized version now at 15 mb insted of 12 :frowning:

It looks great! Really nice aesthetic. I’d like to see a longer game with that kind of style.

No bugs, though text resolution on the “one night down” screen is a little low.

In the console it says “property name “state” is already a python attribute on cube.008” I guess because game objects also have states.
No problem but it clutters up the console and printing errors like that can even slow down the game a touch if there’s lots of them printing every tic.
I usually avoid names like “state” or “property” or “object” since they are quite often used elsewhere. I prefer “game_state” or “player_state” or “collision_object” or something like that.

Fantastic art style, especially the Character which looks like he is taken from a Tim Burton movie.
Sometimes the camera hides itself behind objects. But i think you had to got around more important issues during the development. I hope you were not forced to dig some graves. Althougt in my opinion there are way more inglorious things in the world than digging a grave.

Thanks Glad you like the style. Ye i was warey of using the property/word state will change it.

Great game, played through it many times. Just wish there was more… the visuals and sound design were also very good.

My record was 31 monies

Also must have missed the Suzanne - gonna have to go back and find it now