BGMC21 | Pipe-Pipe

My entry for the 21st BGMC is “Pipe-Pipe”.

The objective is to connect pipes in order to guide the “polluted” sewer water to the treatment station to prevent it from touching clean water. If you pollute clean water, it’s Game Over.


Download (.zip, .blend 2.77):
Don’t forget to read “README.txt” =)

Cool game. I got to about level 3 and then nothing I did would succeed. It always says game over even though I did it correctly.

Also if you click on the play button next to the timer it jumps to 5 seconds, even if the time is less. So you can get 5 more seconds each time you press it, kind of infinite time.

The controls are a little unintuitive at first, but you get the hang of them.

The shading is a little strange in places, you might want to add an edge split modifier to the pipes so they look sharper and less plastic.
There’s still a few more days to playtest and fix any issues that come up. Is the game supposed to finish on level 3 or did I do something wrong?

Alright thanks for reporting, I fixed those bugs and added some missing things to the game.

Cool looking intro and a solid game. One of the few ones which you can call somehow a complete game.