BGMC21~ Vote now!

The competition is over!

A massive 11 teams took part in the Blender Game making Competition 21: Underground.

Thanks to everyone who donated their time during the contest so that we can have fun playing these great games.

When voting you should remember that wallmasterr (Grave Living) and Fredstash (Lost in a Cave) were very slightly late in submitting. Gandalf3’s team (The Queen’s workers) was late to submit and may have spent a bit more than 7 days on their entry in total.

Please adjust your votes to take this in to account. Remember the other teams had less time to spend on their entries so they might look a little less polished. However, it would be sad to exclude the late entries as everyone worked really hard on their games and I’d like to see them all considered for your vote.

As far as I know, all the entries have an Easter Egg (or several) I hope you have fun trying to find all of them. I hear the one in Gandalf3’s game is quite hard to activate, but worth the effort.

A note on voting:
Please vote for your 3 favorite games.
You have to check 3 boxes BEFORE you hit submit! You can’t vote again after that.
If you make a mistake, you can [B]ask a moderator
to help submit your votes.

[/B]I was going to make the votes hidden until the end of the poll, but the whole thing is doing my head in…

Have fun and may the best game win!

I’m impressed with the quality of games in this BGMC. Great job everyone, you each get a vote from me.

A little report.

Basement Dweller - very cool, I wanted more. Sad that it ended so soon.
The easter egg was suzanne command.

Below the Surface - that’s a hard game.:smiley: Well made, though.

Cave X16 - looks incredible. Amazinngly done. However, has tiny bugs - when I press Esc, the pause menu just pops during one frame and than goes away. Only way to close is using the red X button of Blender window. One another thing - it’s unplayable without mouse. I don’t have middle mouse button on my laptop touchpad, but I got no mouse yet.

deMOLEtion - fun game. Was hard at first, though.

Forbidden Relic - nice. I really liked it. The riding is smooth. The easter egg are the golden suzanne statues, rigth? The character had no textures. I just say because in Smoking_mirror’s video he has texture. Also I would love to see some animations that indicate that I got hit by something.

Grave Living - interesting art stile. The level is pretty big and well made. Good job. I found no bugs. However, digging the graves isn’t that easy as I have to aim at them(would be no problem if I had mouse).

Lost in Cave - I played a bid, reached something orange. And than I didn’t know what to do. Hm… Needs more hints of gameplay. Other than that it’s pretty nice!:wink:

Pipe Pipe - nice design, pretty good game. But - why so many games in this BGMC use MMB? Like if you all had knew that I’ve got no mouse ATM:D Also I didn’t yet find how to rotate the pipe. So I can’t complete level 2:D

The Queen’s Ants - wow! This is something amazing. I loved the game in overall. I found easter egg aswell(some sort of suzanne skulls:D). Some issues - the building menu never closes. It stays on screen. It doesn’t make it unplayable, but makes it harder to navigate. There is also no price mentioned for buildings. Oh, and I quickly lost my main buildings site - propably needs some button that finds the closest building or something like that and focuses the view on that.

Subbaterian night - haha. Again - no mouse, no game(ok people. don’t get this as dislike. I just say that I couldn’t test the game fully). After some uncontrolled rotating(cause of no mouse) my ship somehow got out of caves. I went into pink world with some snaky caves visible around. There was one flow of explosions aswell as plane with some trees, grass and sky textured on it. Nice background music, but the collision isn’t strong enaugh to fight my amazing destructive skills that allows me to get everywhere:D

Shadows - nice game. I think I found no bugs(except that it’s impossible to kill boss - I cleared it’s health once, but he revived and became immortal).

Nice job everyone!:slight_smile:

Oh dear. Forbidden relic had textures when I downloaded it last night, I wonder what happened there… all Thatimster’s assets are in a folder, not packed, so it should be fine. Are you using Linux? Maybe it’s some kind of file system incompatibility problem.

I’ll check it out as soon as I can.
Also, who plays games without a mouse? :smiley: ^^ You really should buy one Adrian. I used to use a laptop, and the combination of no mouse and no numpad drove me crazy. I got a keyboard and mouse as soon as I could.

EDIT: I downloaded it at work during my beark time and it works fine, no missing textures. Adrian, are you sure you unzipped the files before playing them? You have to unzip all files when assets aren’t packed.

and Fredstash (Lost in a Cave) were very slightly late

Lol, I wasn’t planning on submitting it at all until you mentioned it. I literally ran out of time. Thanks for the game pack and the nice video gameplay.

My favourites: Basement Dweller, deMOLEtion and The Shadows. I just like the originality of the concepts.

Review of all the games:
Basement dweller: I love it. It fits my humour and linux nerdiness. I just with it was longer.

Below the surface:
I’m not a fan of horror games, and haven’t played a FPS shooter in many years. So, I died pretty quick. Nice little environment. Maybe a little more light would be good as I could barely see anything at all.

I couldn’t quite figure out how to tell when a building was about to land on me, but nice concept and great execution. Very polished.

forbidden relic:
Felt a bit fast, a bit little variation. Something as simple as twists and turns, and changing the spacing of obstacles the furthur you go would have made a huge difference.

Nice work on the graphics. Unique and something I’ll have to have a play with.

lost in a cave:
Making the camera angle higher would have been great. Nice little environment to explore.

I finally figured out how to rotate the pipes, but couldn’t get past level four. Even when I joined the ends I still got a game over.

queens workers:
Neato. Nice atmosphere. I found the DOF a little excessive (it gave a great sense of scale, but was a little strong I think), and I often lost ants for a significant length of time, unable to find them. Other than that, good effort.

subterranean night:
I found the tumbling when hitting walls to make the game very hard to play. Maybe upping the rotational damping would have helped. A reticle to aim would also have been useful

the shadows:
I love the idea, even if I didn’t manage to defeat the final boss. Nicely done, though it took me a while to figure out that they died if I looked at them. Maybe a little more variation in scenery and enemies would be nice.

Very Strong BGMC Round. So many good entries.
I used 5 Votes. 3 was not enough i could not decide which to choose.
And so many who deserved it still has to go away empty handed.

I’ll recheck. I am lucky - I got numpad on my laptop. And so I can navigate in Blender 3D view:)

Stop copying opinions:D

You beat me. You at least figured it out, you did it! But me…

So here I see that I’m not the only one :wink:

Review of all the games (copied your format, sdfgeoff):

  • = voted

    Basement dweller:

    Windows user, with no idea what I was doing. Very charming game regardless - enjoyed the humour.

    Below the surface:

    Can’t bloody see anything, where are the ammo pickups? The developer should be ashamed.


    Very relaxing, had fun clearing the entire map.


    Music and graphics were great, longest I stayed alive was a minute. Felt a bit weird using “V” as the attack key

forbidden relic:
Great looking game, my best score was 776 with 52 coins, was very difficult. Textures loaded in 2.76, though not in upbge


Very cool, loved the visuals and sound. Think I managed to dig up all the graves one time (31?)

lost in a cave:
Got to the “end”, a shame it couldn’t be finished.

Simple as it is, found it really hard to connect/rotate pieces. Couldn’t pass level 4, I wasn’t fast enough.

queens workers:
Not very good at RTS games, and so it wasn’t long before getting Game Over - did enjoy the euphoric soundtrack though. The blur was a bit much, and moving the camera was a pain in fullscreen. Great game though!

subterranean night:
Hitting walls might as well have been an immediate game over - as well as tapping the “S” key. Couldn’t get very far, easy to get lost. Music was nice though, has potential!

*the shadows:
My favourite entry of the competition, there’s just something about it…

Well… til next time!

We released a bugfix version that for some reason didn’t make in into the all games pack.

I think you’ll find that one much smoother to play. As for the Easter Egg, sorry, but you only found one of them (and I wouldn’t even call that an Easter Egg, as it is an integral part as to how you win) To find the real Easter egg, you must follow the instructions, pay attention to the filenames, and then you’ll find another hint.

I think your main problem is you didn’t know how to play it. Sadly, we didn’t get instructions in the menu, so I’ll put them here:

  • Start the game in launcher.blend
  • Select ants with RMB+drag (box select). Good blender training, using RMB select :wink:
  • LMB command ants; Pressing LMB on a resource tells the selected ants to collect it
  • Build buildings to process collected resources more efficiently.
  • Activate built resource buildings by delivering the apropriate resource to them. (honey for the honey farm, and leafs for the fungus farm)
  • A large resource farm building will produce 10 more food for every 1 food resource delivered to it. a small resource farm building will produce 5 more food for every 1 delivered to it.
  • Enjoy!

(copied from README)

not impossible but not clear, after you get his health the first time rocks will fall letting you go higher, then you get his health down again, then rocks will fall on the other side and you go higher, then special ending(if you don’t die)

Hi X-27, I just looked at the download time on the file I downloaded and the time that the bug fix was uploaded and it looks like I missed it by just a couple of hours. I wanted to wait longer, since one game that I was waiting for didn’t get posted, but people were asking for the all games pack and wanting to vote so I figured 3 days was more than enough time to fix any bugs (otherwise people might start adding new features, like mini maps :wink: )

I played the bug fix version and it really makes it a lot better. I recommend anyone who had problems with the version in the pack to try it out. When I played at first I died very quickly, but the newer version makes control easier and stops ants getting lost in the far corners of the map.

The mini map helps too, though it’s not so important now the ants go back to base to wait for more orders.

It also removed the transport sections which I admit I thought would be more important than they were, so spend lots of time trying to build tunnels… so all my ants died.

Were the transport sections going to be used for connecting buildings?

Yeah, I got high up then the shadows came out and I got mobbed. Nearly beat him. :slight_smile:

@Smoking_mirror: nice try, thanks for playing!

I just want to note that the build menu doesn’t disappear when I click on building. It doesn’t disappear at all. It stays like that until I exit game.
Prieviously there were roads. Now they’re not there any more.
The minimap helps a lot.
I don’t see any use of the science points.
I wish you continued work on Queen’s Workers. I really enjoyed that game and I’d like to play it with more features.

The build menu should close when you click outside it. In light of this feedback, I have added a dedicated close button

Are you running all these games on upbge? I cant reproduce any of the bugs you’ve talked about so far.
All the games work fine on Blender 2.77a

I did get confused with TQ’sW where if I select a building I couldn’t deselect it if I didn’t have enough resources. But pressing escape cleared it.
To close the build menu you can click on build a second time I think.

If TQ’sW team is taking requests I’d love the option to swap mouse button functions. I’m more used to selecting with left mouse and moving with right mouse…

Science points are the way you win! once you get 100, you get to watch the awe striking end sequence, and then continue playing (if you want to) with a flying reminder of your victory. (Do note, however, that when you win, you have not found the Easter Egg)

  • The Queen’s Workers: Gandalf3 and Team (late)

we’re considering “Renderfarmers” lol, but most of us think that is too silly. Thanks for the grand feedback y’alls, really encouraging.

(some sort of suzanne skulls:D)

There are more! seek them out! we can give hints if you want.


Basement dweller:
Why would i rather not go in there? it looks interesting! also, i couldn’t figure out what to do after i turned on the PC, even with your hint cheatsheet, but that’s just bcus i’m stupid. o well. lol, loved the alarm clock.

Below the surface:
Pretty cool, i actually really liked this one. had a lot of challenge for a simple game, and the yarn monsters (i think thats what they were) were really funny. Downsides, i had to increase my ammo cap to like, a billion in order to make it through without running out, because i couldn’t figure out how to load a new set of mags. Also, i think i reached the end at long last, but then fell through the floor. :open_mouth:

cave x16:
holy cow. this is really cool. The huge map is so hard! takes so much time, i seriously burned about an hour and a half after downloading. and more afterward.

i like the idea, i was actually considering something kinda like this, but then went with ants. Anyway, i like the soundtrack, and i like the graphics, but i couldn’t even blow people up. i couldn’t figure it out. anyway, looked really cool./

forbidden relic:
This was pretty fun, but i couldn’t win. I ran into everything, but idk if thats a problem with game, or just me. PEBKAC (Problem exists between keyboard and chair)

Grave living:
love the art. but was there a point, i never even found corpses or anything. :frowning: corpses woulda made my day. But anyway, solid theme, aesthetic, and mood. Here’s a medal for you sir. and a coupon for a free snadwich.

Lost in a cave:
i enjoyed this game a lot, and i spent probably the second to (right behind cave x16) which is probably a good measure of success. I did fall once or twice and had to restart tho, and the camera was positioned right up the characters @$$, so it made it really hard to see around him. Anyway, i really liked this, and i’m seeing some definite improvement since last BGMC that you participated in.

Pipe Pipe:
To put it simply, i can’t really rate this game, because i couldn’t beat level 2 because i can’t rotate pipes. maybe i need UPBGE to do it? idk fam.

Queens Workers:
wow. Whoever made this art sounds like a great guy, i’d like to meet him. o wait. XD

Subterranean night:
I like! Simple but effective graphics (relatively) easy controls, and it’s just fun to play. Wasn’t a whole lotta depth tho. so i was left with a bit of a scenario where i played it through like, twice, and then got bored. gg tho

You conveyed your environment really well, and the mood was very constant and clear. Shadows kept attacking me tho, and i couldn’t figure out ways to kill them. i mean, they were like, fricking invincible. Anyway, i ran, got deadended, and then ran the other way, then i got lost, and then i got hamstringed and died. :spin:

Good comp everyone, i know i really enjoyed myself, and i hope you all had fun too, because if you didn’t, you need to go contemplate the meaning of life in a dark corner. or cave.

gg fam – Vince

here’s my completely erratic review :

Basement dweller: Nicely done game-play, nice graphics. Keep working on it, please!

Below the surface: Couldn’t survive more than 25 seconds…

Cave X16: Top of the Pops quality ( made in seven says?)! To the “kid” on us. Bravo!

deMOLEtion: Start key, reading the many instructions, play…you survived 8,533 seconds?..Frenetic, but, well made!

Forbiden relic: Looks like a very old game, but its nicely made.

Graveliving Wallmasterr : Great look, but a bit boring…

Lost in a cave: Lost in a game…keep working!

Pipe : Yes, pipes…couldn’t place a damn one, my fault, probably.

The Queens workers: Wow, how sophisticated ( in seven days, for sure)! Nice musical mood too! Bravo!

Subterranean night : Too hard for me ( music from John Carpenter?), but quite well made.

The shadows: Realistic cave/ambient versus fantasy shadows, quite boring?

Anyway, congratulations to all, Blender Game Makers