Bgmc23 | tlohm

My game is “The Legend of Headless Mule” (TLOHM)

that sounds… interesting :wink:

Another update of my game the legend of the headless mule, which would be made for the BGMC 23, but as there will not be enough time for the conclusion I come through this to inform that I will not participate in this BGMC, sorry the understanding and desire to those who will participate good Luck and good development for your games. This game will be in development, enter my channel in youtube, subscribe and follow the outcome of this story in the colonial period …

Sad to hear, you still have 2 more days!

I guess its good to plan before hand and don’t spend too long with models and textures;)

New update. Project continue…

My first open world game “Professional”. The Legend of Headless Mule, one legend of Brasil age 1800.
Work in progress…

How big is your open world?
Nice game bro !!!
Congratulations for your game man.


No very big, but possible explorer houses and total map.
New update…

Nice atmosphere! Definitely has a creepy, South American feel.
Will you add a sky box?

I also noticed you have to jump to get over small ledges. There’s a trick I use to get around this:

  • make your ground non collide-able
  • create an invisible plane that the player actually walks on.

This will allow you to remove jumping altogether, since it may detract from suspension of disbelief in a horror game.

Good luck!

Thanks, yes i’m add skybox if required. New update…
The game is sword and shield for player.
I will try to optimize more to grow the fps…

Update 7…

New update… Movement Eight Directions with Python and basic animation Player…

The Beginning of Priest Character Logic… Subscribe in my channel.

Animations and models will be improved during development of project…

Is that in Portuguese?