[BGMC25] MicroCity

My game takes place in an open world on a microchip. My character may or may not ride a hoverboard and he may or may not wield a gnarly plasma ray gun. His name may be Arc… maybe not.

Here is the planning I have done so far with the character I came up with and some asset/texture ideas.

My initial inspiration for the microchip world came from an old cellphone chip I had. To me it looked a lot like a miniature city with streets and buildings, and it has definite boundaries which makes it nice for a game world.

Sorry for the blurry image, I must have uploaded he wrong one.

Is this gonna be one of those avoid-em games where you gotta hoverboard along the paths and avoid the components?

The components are going to be small building sized, so probably not, but maybe smaller objects and avoiding falling off the edge/holes in the chip. The main threat comes from microbots trying to sabotage the components. You have to stop them before they do or repair the parts before the entire chip malfunctions.

i like your flexible game plan.

The player and main props for my first bit of progress

Haha thanks. I found my games usually change a lot from my original idea. Starting with something simple like the character and props gives me time to continue shaping how I want the rest of the game to be. It’s safe to say, there will DEFINITELY be a hoverboard, and there will DEFINITELY be a gnarly ray gun. Still not sure what cool futuristic name I will give him though… Arc, Gamma or Surge is what I’ve had in mind.

Made a Microbot (the main antagonist) and started on the level design. I’m going to continue working on the level and some assets tonight and then tomorrow will probably be devoted to rigging, animating, and setting up the player

Oooo that is looking really nice so far :). Cant wait to play

That component city looks amazing.

Yes, I am really liking the city as well…great take with the giant capacitor skyscrapers etc :)…it’s like tron meets futurama.

Wow, looks like a unique concept to me. Looking forward to how it turns out.

I got a fair amount done last night, and I also put together this main menu screen. I put a good amount of effort into it. Looking back I’m getting an oldschool cartoon network vibe from it. Is that just me?

Everything is a mess right now, but it’s starting to take shape. The music should have recorded, but I’m not hearing it… just imagine some groovy funky beats. There was a simple respawn system, except that just decided to crash blender everytime so I decided not to demo it :stuck_out_tongue:

The examine text on objects is probably my first real python script without help. It’s really simple, but I think it is a nice low intensive way of making the environment more dynamic.

looking awesome so far :slight_smile: Congrats on your first real script!

Dude! I went to your channel and saw your “favorites” playlist, and, we listen to the exact same music! :p:yes:

I think your design is amazing. It almost looks to me like a mix between Borderlands and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Thanks :slight_smile: I was trying to make another one for getting the last instance of an object to track to. I might try again tomorrow. Coding is just not how my brain works lol, but I still want to get better in time.

You must have an extremely varied taste in music then :stuck_out_tongue: Over the past few years I’ve definitely jumped between a lot of genres.

Yeah I could see that. I think the character also looks like he could be from the Jet Set Radio universe.

Added enemies with a working search and destroy style system. There are 4 types of bots (1 for each node). When the node for 1 type of bot is destroyed, the bot changes itself to the next type and then deletes itself.

I think the game is done in terms of mechanics, I just have some cleaning up to do… textures, uvs, animations, and working with the layout of the level.

That looks amazing but tbh, I’d prefer to listen to some heavy vaporware or synthwave and the mood would be better with that music too.

I think this is the worst tracks of the 5, honestly. I forgot to change the music during the demo. The others are a bit better for the mood of the game, but the might still fall a little short. I will work on improving the sound design soon. I think I’ll make each track a slightly different electronic style close to synth and vaporwave.

I don’t think I will have time to finish my game. I haven’t worked on it since the first three days. Rushing to get it done in time, I just made some changes that accidentally caused more problems, and now I really don’t think I can get the game to a playable state in time.