BGMC26 | Base 512

Base 512 is a very simple Side Scroller style game, your only goal is to get into base, find the core of energy and return to your ship safely. It will not be so easy.

Download:Base512.blend (7.18 MB)

well i hope you like it, have fun :slight_smile:
I don’t speak english, not yet :frowning:
Use UPBGE v0.2.2
This is my first completed game by the way.

That was a lot of fun !

How did I missed that ! Very cool game, maybe the level is a bit long, but its awesome !

Great mini-game !

I Like The Menu design and effects but on my pc the game Blackscreens so i didint really get to play your game !!!
So yeah idk whats going on but i’ll try to fix this issue.

Nice Game so far bro.


Thank you so much, i’m grad you liked

Hi! I just played through your game and I did enjoy it.

Here is a review of some of game aspects with some hints for future improvements.

visual: The visual aspect of game was outstanding. I really loved the mix of pixelated look and nice soft shadows and moody lighting. The effects were done very well, the game looked very professional. If you had more time, I’m sure you would also add a bit more diversity between different sections, as well as more variations to enemies.

audio: Firstly, I really love the fact alone that there is audio in this game. And the sounds are simple, but satisfying. There were no looping cuts to be heard. No ear rape either. I must admit - audio was really well polished and I couldn’t expect any better for a week jam game.

content/story: There was some sort of story. The interaction with environment was minimal, tho. The game was all about shooting zombies, jumping between platforms. Well, except that you had 2 destinations. First - pick up the core, then - return to ship. Although I believe the story aspect could be improved, I yet think the game delivered all the fun needed. The story was simple, but it was there at all, so that’s good already. A bit more content and meaning to the game wouldn’t hurt, though. Also, the game lacked challenge slightly, for which the cause could have been the ability to shoot infinitely. I think that a little cooldown for the gun would have added up for more fun.

controls: The controls were ok. What I found not being so good is that in menu it says options, but once you open them, you can only see the controls without being able to change them. The name of that section was a bit misleading. Of course, the default key config was decent. Being able to turn the character with mouse(either placing cursor on the left side or the right one) would have been great. Also, the character would stay stuck at ledge until I release all buttons when colliding one with side. Some sensors could have been implemented to trigger a climb state, but I assume you didn’t have the time for that. But running and shooting felt smooth enough, it was very pleasant gameplay experience.

I think you got a very amazing game made here. I wish you luck in the contest :slight_smile:

About content/story: I had planned something more in detail, but it did not remain as I wanted, so I opted for something simpler.

About controls: I tried to create a way to change the direction of the character with the mouse, but I could not (although it seems to be very easy, I think). And about the character getting stuck, I did not find a simpler and faster solution for that.

thanks for the comments, constructive criticism is always welcome :slight_smile:

This is a pretty good game. Nice visuals, nice gameplay - although I do have a few critiques that I’m sure you already know:

  1. It’s a bit long for the mechanics. After playing for 5 minutes I felt I had done all there was to do. A few minutes later there was the boss battle, then another slog back up to the ship. I really enjoyed the start, but without more variety it felt a bit long.
  2. I thought the powerups were bombs. I mean, I saw a red glowing red/orange spiky ball on the floor. I shot it and it didn’t go away, so carefully jumped over it. Then decided to see if it would do damage. Turns out it was a weapon powerup. Similarly for the end-boss-battle powerup. I now knew what to expect, but still didn’t want to touch it. Maybe yellow, green, purple. Just about anything other than orange or red.
  3. Bullets could deal damage through walls and floors. I think they were just on the ‘too fast for the physics engine to handle’ side. Maybe some raycasting to prevent this could have helped
  4. It was unclear when the boss battle finished. I kept shooting for a while after it has stopped shooting back. Maybe a ‘destroyed’ visual would have made things clearer (or a big explosion)
  5. Being able to run backwards while shooting would have been nice

All in all, a fantastic example of a (nearly) pure logic brick game. I’d rank this a solid 8/10.

I really like this game. I thought the power ups were bombs also, LOL. Nice.

Maybe with a little more time I could have improved those details. I intend to bring a more complete version in the future, with more levels and corrections required.
Thanks for the tips, it will be very important :slight_smile:

Cool game i played it a lot. :slight_smile: