[BGMC26] Cold Days - An Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Strategy Game

Cold Days is a strategy game set in 2053, when a trans-dimensional wormhole opens. The wormhole is programmed to “suck” energy from the world, making it colder. The Earth is freezing, people are dying. You’re leading a crew of a few soldiers from Canada. Your squad includes engineer, a scientist with doctor’s degree in thermodynamics, also the same degree plus Nobel prize in physics of inter-dimensional interactions, aswell as 2 skilled assaults and 1 sniper. You’ll be leading your team from a bunker in northern Canada as your team arrives Sahara desert - the place where the wormhole appeared. You’ll be monitoring your team live as they go into the mission and passing them orders. The survival of humanity is completely up to your decisions. Are you ready for the challenge? And am I ready to make such game in a week time when I can only work late in evenings? We’ll find out in one week.

Very nice and interesting story, I’m curious to see what the game will be. Good luck. :wink:

Dude your brilliant in story telling i wish id work with you one day well after my projects !!!

Someday we could work on an original project that can be AAA on BGE !!! BTW keep it up its a great idea work your way toward it its going to be amazing leave graphics for last and work on systems and mechanics trust me it’ll get you far with this game in BGMC !!!

Idk someday i’ll participate but for now all the best keep up the vision and work well towards what your trying to achieve.


How is Worn tires BTW?
I miss that game if only i wish to see it finnished on BGE !!!


Yes,very interesting story…i have something similar in my WIP project ICE PRlSON - except where Earth is freezing very very quickly
with the exception of the arctic sea…“real life” is possible only under water---- one man survived, because he was in a small research submarine.
…but these sort of apocalyptics freezing scenarios are more or less universal:)
So very good luck Adrian

Finished model of exosuit that all of your crew will be wearing.

Exosuit’s features:

  • Nearly perfect resistance to wide temperature range (works fine in temperature ranges from 30K up to 2400K).
  • Lightweight carbon microcomposite armor (with honeycomb layering system). Provides decent defense against projectiles of guns/tanks. Can save your life when taking a shoot from railgun, but damage is unavoidable.
  • Has full health tracking and automatic nutrition injection.
  • The on-suit lights can be configured to indicate many factors such as health, ammunition (if weapon mounted), HQ signal strength, environment temperature, environment radiation, etc.
  • Advanced photon wrapper signal transmission system, allows to directly(it literally means directly, no connection points between like towers, satellites) contact with any distress location on Earth, optimized for contact with HQ.
  • Advanced spectrum filter glass - prevents eye damage from dark lights, provides light amplification in dark environments, can even increase contrast of surrounding environment if lighting is dull or it’s foggy).

Most of those mentioned suit features won’t be actually usable in game, but many will. I find it especially cool to use the suit lights for HUD, even tho you will also be able to bring up a detailed info HUD, since you’re at HQ.

Tomorrow I will work on mechanics (things like I/O system, dialog interaction between characters and HQ aswell as some first storyline aspects).

I plan the game to have mostly cinematic gameplay. Players won’t have to control their characters. Also, scenes like walking large distances, sleeping, having meals etc. will be shortened in some little cutscenes. I do plan on adding interactive mode where you have to partially control character, but I’ll yet see if I get time to implement that. I plan to have it somewhere near end of the game.

I hope I get good luck. I also wish you all luck during all this development week :wink:

Sounds all great bro WOAH im already hyped to play !!!


The lore you are creating for everything is very detailed, i like it! I’d recommend you have some place where the player can read about all those suit features. (Could be a notepad)

That being said, your idea is VERY ambitious, and to be honest I don’t think you will finish if you don’t simplify it a bit.
I wish you good luck with this project, and I hope you can achieve what you plan!

Unfourtunately, I made 0 progress tuesday since I had an important homework to do. It took whole day (and I still felt unconfident about it, kinda rushed it). Yesterday I worked on first gameplay mechanics and the interface. You’ll be able to physically see the bunker room where you are located. I have made the model already (very basic one) aswell as baked lightmap for it to make it cool(I set it to bake over night at 4K resolution, 512 samples, result is satisfying). Today I plan on finishing the scripts for interface(interaction between you and crew). After that I’ll start working on actual story and cinematics. To make matters easier, I’ll limit camera footage to some specific cases (due to limited transfer bandwidth caused by the cold). Instead, most of the communication will be text format. The crew will inform you about things going on around them, you’ll be giving orders. In cases when required, team will send you footage. The style of the game is hugely inspired by Zarya-1 (a game aviable both on Steam and Android/iOS stores), where you lead a crew on a mission on moon via text based interface.

If I have any time left for that, I’ll add gameplay part where your connection to crew is lost and you take control of crew members manually. I doubt I can make this within time bound, but I may consider adding this to an updated version after BGMC if people end up enjoying the game.

Just got the system finished. Here’s a test video of it in action.

I noticed a few things to improve regarding interface:
-add indication when you press on one of options
-add some sound effects
-make it less bland

I will definetly do that due next time.
The good news - I’ve done around 85% of coding for this game. I have a script that reads from a file where I write in all the dialogues and to what dialogues they lead. This way I can easily work on story, without worrying too much about any actual coding.

If you think that the game looks a bit bland right now - don’t worry. There will be some visual interfaces regarding your crew aswell as some pictures sent from them.

Looks really interesting so far! I like the cycles rendered room.

Looking good! My only feedback so far is the camera. The focal length is waaaaaaaaay to high. Put it to something like 18 to get something that feels good in a fps game.

@CG Sky
I may make it a bit higher FOV, but I don’t want to make it too high since the very most part of the action is going on in the screen area.

@adriansnetlis, why not increase the screensize then?

No need for that, the screen is already most of the wall. I set the FOV to 70° now which seems like nice compromise between good feel and well-visible screen.

File receiving interface added, tweaks in interface, code optimization done.

-character status interface(as described in the file you can see in video) #easy
-creating story #not-so-easy #time-consuming
-making image files sent over by team #not-easy #time-consuming #may-not-be-done-for-bgmc-version

Also, watching video I noticed that I assigned S letter to both Kirk and Kennedy. Must fix it now, I guess.

Very nice indeed, love the interactive style of UI elements in the videos. Also I would like to ask if you would keep that flat shade look for the entire game with a limited equivalent of smooth shading in certain areas like you did with the character also that same dark but metallic shading AGHH!! would look awesome throughout, in any case can’t wait to see what you do with your project… :RocknRoll:

Yep, I plan to keep all the game to look sharp-edged, flat. I think that would make better consistency. :wink:

Dammit, I am struggling to get some of important elements done in time. I feel like I’ll have extremely simplified version with some undone features for BGMC and then spend a week or 2 over to refine game and make it be decent. I feel like I’ve put quite a lot of work into making it feel decent that I won’t abandon it after BGMC.

I Really Really Like your UI System it shows sophistication which is good in Si-fi Games !!!
bro you got this its really really interesting keep up the good work bro.