BGMC26 | Star Binder

Download the game below:
The version above version had a problem with the controls and orientation after hitting the wall. The one below has much lesser of it.

Download bug fixed version (prefered):

Star Binder is a cyberpunk scifi high-score flying game. You flying around on your hoverboard in space to create a line that crosses as many stars as possible. The line doesn’t go on forever, but works more like a timer that hangs on for about 20 seconds, in a way you could see how many stars you’re able to gather during those seconds. The estetics are highly inspired from Disneys Treasure Island hand is ment to look hand-drawn as far as possible. Hope you enjoy Star Binder!

Awesome game, simple yet fun. Also very smooth! I love it! Good luck in the competition! :slight_smile:

I love the shading, animations, and mechanics! Really fun little game :smiley:

Me too, for such a quip of a project it really shines…simple but effective gameplay and nice bold/simple graphics…well done!

Nice concept !

I like the game but I noticed that the controls ended up in a mess if you bumped into the boundaries, the thing became uncontrollable lol

I like this one! simple but challenging. The controls were tight and easy to pick up.

My only critique: it took me a bit to figure out where the stars were. Maybe brighten them up compared to the rest a bit?

Good work.

It has uccured a few times during the test plays, but you don’t really bump into the wall since there isn’t any physical objects involved. What happens is that the hoverboarders makes a 180 degree turn.

Unlucky that it happen to you, it should not happen often. Going to figure out why it happens and fix it.

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!

Edit: I’ve seen why it occurs, going to figure it out.

Thanks @WKnight02 for enlighted by about the problem with the controls. I’ve updated it, it’s still not perfect (At the top and bottom your able to break out). But other than that it should work much better!

Here’s the updated version:

LOL my only Top Score the Entire time was 1 as i found it hard to follow the path or Track with no leveling sysytem to this game its not that bad either ey Great Work on it bro iam truly impressed.

For a cartoon game its cool skateboarding in a sphere that’s Green the sound is really good i like this game too !!!
I find this more of a Parody to the Si-Fi Genre instead it does very well at mocking the genre !!!

hahaha otherwise Great Parody to Si-Fi Universe and i’d like to see more of your projects in future !!!
Its a really nice game with good mechanics … Funny enough i managed to reach my highest score of 2 in the game since i started playing it !!!

Overally its a Great game with quite good elements though alot could still be improved on you’ve done a great job of Mocking the Si-Fi Genre in a more cartoony way of surfing in space !!! out of 10 i’d give you a 6.4…

(Its a funny Game too !!!)


The visuals, animations, controls felt nice and smooth. Only it felt a bit off when “crashing” in the ball (since you could sometimes go through, other times not). I think that the game lacked a bit more of a goal. Currently it’s just flying around and collecting balls. If there was some story behind this (either funny or serious), it’d have been 4x the fun. Also, the game managed to crash my computer as I pressed Esc key.

Good luck now and with your future projects! :slight_smile: