BGMC27 | The Dot (EEVEE Game)

Unfortunately I didn’t get any time this week to work on the game. So I started it today. Just as I said in the announce thread, I’ll be using … EEVEE in UPBGE for this game. (And of course, when I’m using an engine with an amazing renderer we get the theme “black and white minimalism”…)

Anyway, here are some screenshots:

As you can see, I’ve enabled screen space reflections (which glitch a little), volumetrics and the bloom filter.

I’ve already had a couple shots at building the level and haven’t ended up particularly satisfied. I have the basic level “look” decided, but just can’t seem to turn it into a level (yet).

It’s currently running at 10FPS on my laptop with integrated graphics, so it should run fine on most peoples PC’s. I guess we’ll see when I release it.

Well I wrote it a soundtrack:

But I still need to make the level…

Nice work with the soundtrack and limited time!
Looking forward to playing it :slight_smile:

I wish I had more time so I could finish the story better. As it is there are a few minutes of gameplay. Enjoy:

@sdfgeoff: Well done in 2 days! Thanks for your work. Nice soudtrack, it was a bit risky to use post processing but there are many interesting lighting effects. Playing with the SSR settings, I had no more lines, but what’s a dot without lines. I saw the issue with superposed viewport fonts (with shadows) and dynamic fonts, but I don’t want to do an UI to choose between both to avoid to code outside gameengine folder. Congrats :slight_smile:

EDIT: Warning: This version of bge is experimental and I won’t finish it (it is just a proposal I do to BF for 2.8 and anyway I’m not able to finish it alone) so there won’t be any “official” release on my side (The rendering code is done by Blender Foundation, the game engine comes from an upbge version (Thanks to Tristan Porteries), upbge is based on bge (which has been coded during many years by many contributors)