BGMC27 | The Final Steps

Another competition, another game. As a lot of my games there’s one player, a few puzzle and something arty. This time as well. Hope you don’t find the game way too hard, it’s meant to be challenging in the way that you have to think and solve puzzles.

You aren’t able to die or should not be able to get stuck. If you fall off there’s always a way back.

Download the game here (11 MB):

Best of luck!


FinalSteps_Final.blend (11.4 MB)

Wow! I always appreciate your games deempa89, they are such a work of art.
This one is great, it looks amazing. Unfortunately I had to quit after getting past the second gate because the lack of visual depth afforded by the two tone color scheme set off my motion sickness. :frowning:
Working without bugs on Blender 2.78

Beautiful game and music.

This worked really well, never got stuck,died or couldn´t find the way back.

Challenging it was, but that´s how it should be.
It´s hard to find the right balance between challenging and frustrating.
You did a great job on this, I think.

Some notes on gameplay:
Before the second gate, I couldn´t find the last two pieces, where are they hidden?So I looked them up.

Before the third gate, as Smoking_mirror mentioned, the two tone color scheme gets really challenging, because sometimes it´s only black or white without any chances to see something else, especially if you walk below the stairs for example, but I could make it.

Before the last gate, I only could find 3 of the 4 signs, but maybe I just overlooked something.

I liked this game a lot, especially the design and the music.