[BGMC28] The Penguin Rescue

Title: The Penguin Rescue
Team: adriansnetlis, Josip Kladaric & redfrostgames
Genre: 3rd Person Stealth Puzzle Adventure
Story: A penguin wakes up to find out his friends are missing. As he walks around he stumbles upon a research facility. He finds his way in on accident and discovers his friends are held captive for research purposes. Now he has to find a way to get himself and his friends out of the place alive.
… coming later …
… coming later …
You’ll be able to download the game in Finished Games section once the contest ends
Game Engine Used: UPBGE 0.2.3

I will post updates about the character modeling and controls here.

Penguin Basemesh:


This blaster will shoot freezing snow and ice to freeze traps and enemies.


The Penguin looks great…but front of a freezing gun looks too high poly for me

It’s a little high poly but we can afford it since the entire scene is going to be low poly

Yeah…but for 3rd person…it’s a waste of fps…you can bake details.

Modeled a spy drone that monitors the lab


Adrians and penguins…

I’m keen to see where this goes. Penguins, guns and flying machines? Sounds awesome.

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Interesting. Waiting for some alpha gameplay soon.

Those penguins look super cute. I’m interested to see how this one comes out.