BGMC29: Theme vote #1

(sdfgeoff) #1

Yes, the poll is intentionally open. When the poll closes, I will pick the single “actual” theme from the top five…
I think this allows you guys the ability to sort-of know what’s coming, but have it still be a surprise. And if you’re clever, you can start designing a game based on the top five themes. If there are too many close-ranked, there may be a second theme vote.

  • Pew Pew Pew
  • Dimension
  • Excessive FOrce
  • Ice
  • Horror
  • Shooting Things
  • Back to '93
  • Cacodemon
  • Nightmare Fuel
  • Massive Routes
  • Subtext
  • Beautiful
  • Slow Motion
  • Bullet Hell
  • Blender 3rd person shooters (Guns Blazing)
  • Upside down
  • Gravity
  • Outrun
  • Retro
  • Drones (DROooooooooNES)
  • Everyday photo manipulation tutorial objects
  • Death is Good
  • Fire, Water, Metal and eletricity
  • Theft
  • Parallel Realities
  • You Break it, you Buy it
  • Shadows
  • Endless War
  • Parallel Worlds
  • Symmetry
  • Mutation
  • Rain
  • Infiltrate
  • Lost in Space
  • No going back
  • Water
  • Non-biological beings only
  • Colors matter

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(Grenzer) #2

Alot of interesting themes here, the wheels are already turning in my head… when about do we hear the final theme choice?

(Smoking_mirror) #3

Cool! It’s been a while since I made a small game. I think I really need to do it to keep myself fresh.

(Thatimster) #4

Not going to lie, retro does sound really cool. Hopefully this one will get picked.
Haven’t really made many games recently but might throw something together.

(sdfgeoff) #5

Well, the poll will be closing soon. Stand by for date announcement…

(Lyeb) #6

If “colors matter” and “beautiful” make their way into the theme, I’ll submit DOOM in protest.

(cuervo1003) #7

So whats the theme? Do we find out today the results of the vote? Did some resarch on a retro game had thoughts of Polybius. Of course assuming retro was top pick. Still debating on entering a game though. Never enough time i work a lot and cant even get my own projects out lately.