[BGMC32] Rickety Rocket

Rickety Rocket is a game me and some friends put together. This link is for v2, with some tweaks made after the deadline.(Original Link Below):


You can press F5 during gameplay to reset the game without having to go through the start screen again.

If you find any bugs I might fix them at a later date if you let me know.

Thanks for playing our game.

If you enjoyed the music you should check out Death_McMonkey on soundcloud:

Original Post:

Whoops, got the time wrong. Thought I still had about 10 hours togo, instead I’m a couple of mins late.

Here is my game, you will need 7zip to extract it.

Going to have a rest and update this post properly with screenshots etc later…



I’m having a hard time keeping the spaceship upward, but it’s fun. Good job!

Thanks very much! Yeah anyone who plays it should get used to seeing the game over message!

Made it to the final landing pad. (Though I was upside-down at the time!) Challenging controls, I crashed only a million times, but still quite enjoyable. Good work!

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Hey thanks for playing and reviewing :smile: . Did you find the pub? I’m going to try and play everyones game tomorrow and wednesday, looking forward to it.

Yes, sorry, that’s what I meant, I made it to the pub.