[bgmc32] SILENCE

Loved this one but could not spare a lot of time, sadly. I had to make it tiny tiny.
So what’s the story? Eh, it’d be against the rules to tell you that. You’ll see.

P to start
ESC to quit
WASD to move
E to activate switches.

You’ll need UPBGE 0.2.5

Download it here,

Or you can just watch it

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The world looks like a neat place, wish it could’a been fleshed out more. One note: the startup sequence took so long, I thought there had been an error. (Like there was the first time when I accidentally opened it in 2.79 :laughing:)

The beginning was pretty long, and my computer doesn’t run UPBGE so it took even longer :slight_smile:
I got stuck at the very beginning, I felt stuck inside the capsule. I did like the feel of it so far.

I could not be patient :slight_smile:

Well, I made it slow to better convey that the player is frozen. Guess I went too far and made it feel like the COMPUTER is frozen! HAHA! I’ve outdone myself yet again c:

Can’t go back and change it now, but since this is so short I recorded the whole thing. If you’re having problems with blend you can just watch it now.

Love the mood and your take on the theme! :clap: :clap: :clap: