[BGMC32] Unspoken search (Finished)

I started my game yesterday. I haven’t gotten a name for my game yet, but have some ideas. I have been working mostly on mechanics of my first level, not texturing anything.

This is a video of what I have so far. (the textures I do have are not final, unless people like them)

This is my first BGMC.


I have thought of a name for my game. I hope it is a good name

I have some more updates showcased in this next video

(who knew 1 min 30 seconds is too large)

here is a new update


my game


sources: http://wwwtyro.github.io/space-3d/ (space skybox)

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here is a better version


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I like the idea. Everything could use some lighting, the house looks really flat and I sort of gave up after retrieving the power cell with the robot because I couldn’t find my way back. The combination of the flat shading, the camera, and the super short clipping distance made this part way more confusing than I expected.

I wanted to redesign that level but it was my second remake and I was running out of time. Thanks for the critiques.