[BGMC33] Hazard Bot(Finished)

Here’s my finished game, Hazard Bot.

Hazard Bot is a simple, yet difficult, 2D platformer in which your goal is to collect three keys and exit the level. There are three levels, and the game can be played with either keyboard or gamepad.
It requires UPBGE 2.5 to play.

You can download Hazard Bot from my Github repo. The zip file size is about 8MB.

Feel free to record death counts or playthrough times for the levels in this thread. (If your looking to be competitive!)

Have fun!

Hey I completed the first level, but you’re right; the game is hard! I’m gratefull that you retain keys on death because I don’t think I would have completed the first level. You have a lot of cool details, like animated flames and all the various traps. I think lighting the whole environment might eliminate some of the frustration, giving me the chance to dodge the traps the first time, sometimes. I like that you took the time to add controller support as well and make 3 levels, you got a lot done, well done!

Sorry about the low-lighting, I need to remember that my screen displays dark scenes quite clearly. If you want to adjust the player’s light ring, that’s held in layer 10 parented to the player. He’s got 2 lights, a spot and a point. The light off to the side by itself is for when you pick up the torch. (Which of course I completely forgot to mention in the how to play and readme.) You can pick up the golden torch to increase your LOS slightly.