[BGMC33] Tarmac Time Attack

Hey Guys, so attached is my game entry for BGMC33 Tarmac Time Attack!

Expect bugs! Try and beat the gold times! Press and hold F1 for instructions and controls.
I may add more content at a later date…

All users download and extract zip: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1s1Eq4Q8c5WHSHkGLKCeQ9B6Ir0WjCSpv&export=download

Windows users, launch the “Tarmac Time Attack.exe”. Linux and mac users open the data.blend in blender 2.79b and press p in the 3D window to play.

Any issues/problems/bugs please let me know.

I like it well enough, it’s fast paced and could it certainly be a fun game if I spent a little more time to get used to the controls.

I have a feeling you already know this bug, but if the vehicle gets stuck upside down (as happened frequently before I learned to sort of control the vehicle), I have to completely restart the game to get back upright. I would of liked a button to reset the car to starting position and orientation.

Appreciate your feedback, thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed the game, It felt like a very retro game, because of the time it took me to learn to drive the car… it took a bit, and I felt like the bronze was hardly attainable- which is not negative at all, it feels a lot like the retro games I have played