[BGMC35] Dangerous Deliveries - Finished

In Dangerous Deliveries you have to travel to various locations throughout the city to deliver cybernetics for your company. Unfortunately, other corporations would like to steal the tech so your job is not so straight forward.

Made in UPBGE 2.5
Download/.blend size less than 10MB.
Mouse and keyboard controls.
Character model re-used from previous BGMC entry.

Can be downloaded from my Github repo here , and I hope you enjoy playing it!

Just quick a warning- I optimized best as I know how, and Iā€™m getting 60FPS on my computer, but I have not tested this on any other devices. Prior to optimizing I was down around 20-30FPS. Hope this runs well on your computers.


I would love to be able to play this one further, but Im afraid I dont really know how to go on once you get on the ship and start flying around the landscape. I gotta say the visual style works really well, the city scape looks great on the horizon. I also like the cross of genres, mixing fps with flying in third person.