BGText not updating colour

I use BGText, and when I punch in a new colour like RED for example into the property value box of the Color property, it updates with the new colour to be red on game start. Problem is, that it never changes colour when updated in-game to another colour, like when the value of Color is changed to Yellow. I want to make BGText change colours while the game is running. Is there any way to do this? Useful for health, scores, timers, etc.

yes its possible - simple method animation colors - you need assign color object for material text and in panel objects insert animation keys and play animation color, next method use python -
dictionary colors = {“red”:[1.000, 0.015, 0.005],“green”:[0.010, 1.000, 0.000], “blue”:[0.005, 0.005, 1.000]}
colors = dictionary colors[“red”] # or blue or green how key for values dictionary
own.color = colors
for looking color values just assign color and you see rgb numeration.
If color use red, green, blue and alpha (4 values for color) you need assign color how 4 channel - own.color = [colors[0], colors[1], colors[2], 1.000] - last value alpha channel