BGUI and mousing widgets help

So Im working with BGUI and writing code into my system to make it so widgets/frames are grab-able and can be moved, heres my code

mPos = mouse.position
LMB =[]
if LMB == 2:
       print(mPos) = [mPos[0], mPos[1]]

Now this works fine for moving the X pos of the widget but the Y pos is messed up. Lemme explain, the Y for widgets is 0.0-1.0 starting at the bottom for those of you who havent worked with BGUI, but the Y for mouse is 1.0 - 0.0 , starting at the bottom. In short they’re completely opposite! :frowning: and this does not work hehe. Anyone know how I can get the widget Y to respond correctly?

1-y? (this answer was to short)

WOW, haha, thank you very much LaH, I had even written stuff down on paper to try to figure this out, too easy, thanks again, works perfectly.