BH project (Black hole in our solar system)

First things first:
Big thanks to Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrows for their

. Your finish result sucks (not that it is bad, I’m in love in their whole space series, but this one was just not realistic). But that made me experiment with it, and soon just trashing over 80% nodes, fixing some values, changing glossy to refraction (DUUH! Black holes do not reflect any light!), and tweaking just few variables with tons of different math and ramp nodes, I came to something that behaves just like a black hole. Still I owe everything to them, as I would never came up with idea to just invert faces to make it work.

Now to my project:
I plan making an animation of it. Nothing fancy, up to 15 seconds of animation.
Scene opens with camera zoomed on astronaut’s visor, with earth reflecting on side of it. Than, camera slowly orbits around him and zooms out, as he slowly moves his hands and legs randomly (what else can an astronaut do with their time in following scenario?), while other end of his tether connected to what seems to be ripped off space station part bumps his suit, and when camera finally floats away a bit more, we can see hull and solar panels debris being sucked in one direction (I know how gravity works and stuff, it’s just symbolic…), and than, gigantic black hole is revealed!
So this is the scenario.

For today however I pulled some older projects of moon and earth (I am unsatisfied from the latter thou), I made a long time ago. Pumped in way too much of post processing flashes, just so I can have a nice desktop background.

Yet I am not sure, should I just keep this render here, on WIP, or can I also post it on finished works? This pic is fully finished, but animation of the same project is also work in progress…

What should I do? D: