"BHP Racing 2006" official dev. progress

Hello Blender GE community! :slight_smile:

The team and I at Blackhole Productions(same guys that are working on Transcendent) began working on a new project in the last weeks of 2005. The game is going to be a not-so-average racing game complete with cars ranging from the Fiesta ST and the classic Charger to a battle tank and a nose on wheels…Tracks ranging from Egypt to a childs drawing.

Basically, all of the designers are just going nuts :stuck_out_tongue: . Instead of arguing over what kind of cars or levels to do, everyone is just making what they want in there own artistic styles, which should provide for some pretty unique experiences for the palyer. :wink:

The project will be a pretty small one, as opposed to Transcendent. We aim to have the game completed by March.

This thread is going to be a progress thread which we will update periodically with development screenshots, dev. news, etc. Everyone, feel free to ask us questions on where the development is going, or even how we did certain things if your interested and you want to learn.

Alright, enough of these words and phrases and what not, on with the visuals! :wink: :

(Fiesta ST model by ST150)

(car concept by BrianH)

(70’ Dodge Charger by me.)

(supercharged speed-demon car concept and futuristic city concept by friedbrain)

(fried’s car from another angle)

(stylized tank model by Maaatt.)

(Egyptian track by me.)

All comments, questions, thoughts and crits are definintly welcome. We’re always looking for new members as well, so if you want to help us make this game and other games just PM me…we’re especially looking for good programmers. More updates to come! :slight_smile:


cool work ,

those are mine , but them in your post tommorow man , i have added them to your forum before 1 hour


notice the reflection and the skid :Z

After seeing the car by friedbrain, I couldn’t help but pull out some old issues of “CARtoons” and start reminiscing. For a time they had a section called “How To Draw” where they would show you how to draw your own car TOONS. The comic is no longer in print. :frowning:

Tomorrowman, I really enjoy the '70 Charger. I am currently struggling with the model for the '06 Charger. With a little persistence and after appending the (not quite finished) control from my forklift I may have something to contribute.

I recently searched the forums and came across the Lego4 blend and I found it quite educational w/ respect to the steering “feel”.

Seems like this project from you guys could be a good test bed for the Driving/Racing?? physics for bullet.

Great work.



I think 3DGURU meant to post these:

cool. :slight_smile: yea, we could put it in the game if you want…I’m not personally a big fan of the new Chargers but hell, the more cars the merrier. :slight_smile:

It could be a good test bed for many new features. We definintly plan on using Bullet, and I personally have experimented with snailrose’s new multi-texture features…got some really nice looking reflections going. We’ll have to see though, we havnt discussed using those new graphics features yet…they seem to be a bit slower than normal game engine stuff…will require some more testing to decide whether we will use it or not I guess.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

looks great tommorowman

i couldnt help but notice u are usig a mac, i use one also (imac G5) :smiley:

oh wait, thats not a screen shot of ur computer nvm


great, idea, i was actually thinking about trying to make a realistic driving game and have the community help pitch in high-res car and track models, but i never did

after making and releasing my “Go Kart Go” game, i changed the physics to better resemble a real car, also made a local velocity script which i never really used to determine things like speedometer rate of animated wheelspin, when tires should screetch. it could also be used to detect when a car should turn and how fast it should turn depending on its Y velocity and say how long you’ve held the left or right button. i’ve also modeled a few cars including a Jeep TJ which i’ve always wanted to drive and race in a game but there never are any in retail games like GT or forza. once you have all these car models you can realisticly portray them by making ratios for the real car mass and blender mass… and horsepower to force, etc.

BTW, one of you guys should rent and play “rallisport challenge 2” for xbox, its amazingly fun, fast and the graphics are amazing, it’d be a good thing to draw influences from

someone add [email protected] to their msn
with two underscores, i’d like to offer some car models/work


nice model’s and pics, keep going dude.

Cya :o

Can I try and make a car or a track? I’m not very good but it would be a nice challenge and it would be cool to see it in the game.

:o Woah nice cars and a really cool Egyptian level. Heh, would be cool if those birds really flew around.

Jason Lin

i am impressed with everything…what ge are you using?

awesome! :smiley: …yea, your more than welcome to help us with some things. Sounds like you have done alot of script-work for a game like this too…might talk to you a bit about using some of your scripts or atleast studying them…that is, if you dont mind. I added you to my contact list on MSN…I’ll try to be online frequently so we can talk.

I would but my x-box is broke. :frowning:

Can I try and make a car or a track? I’m not very good but it would be a nice challenge and it would be cool to see it in the game.

sure. :slight_smile: If you want to contribute some work and NOT join the team(like just make a car and have it in the game) than just post here, PM me, or find me on MSN…If you want to actually join the team, than PM me and we’ll talk about it.

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: The birds DO fly around! :wink: We’re using Blender’s GE ofcourse.

i joined your forum in amazement…

VROOOOM!!! This looks VROOMtastic! :smiley:

hahaha! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just finishing up my second track, which I started several days ago…

After doing the realistic charger and egyptian level, I wanted to break off and do something completely different…the concept is, “childs drawing”.


Everything in the level is hand-drawn…from the sky, all the way down to the shadows. :slight_smile:

Still have a little bit of work to do on it…I need to re-animate the bird you see in that screenshot, I might also put another cartooney animal in there…hmm…

Woow, dude, that track looks great! I love it!! It’s great to see something different :smiley:

This game looks really cool as well, I can’t wait to have a go, when will a demo be avaliable?

If I have any spare time, I’ll create a track for you :smiley: what’s the poly count avarage you want to aim for?

From Daniel

hey tommorow man … the track is awesome … wow …
thats my track LiL !


there is a rest but the distance view is making it impossiple to show it all

bye … the name of the track is ( jerash valley) , there is crowds and another stuff …

Your track looks cool as well, if you want a greater view distance, either reduce the size of the track or increase the clip end on your camera.

From Daniel

How will the gameplay be? Do one race against computer controled cars? You could use splitscreen for a head to head race against another human player. Would be cool!